Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lithuania to open centers of European studies in Lviv and Donetsk, Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine Algirdas Kumza says

Lithuanian Centres of European Studies will shortly open in Lviv and Donetsk to inform Ukrainians on the state of affairs in Lithuania and purported problems of the EU as well as fulfilment of projects and cultural exchanges, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Lithuanian to Ukraine Algirdas Kuzma said.

We know that Ukrainians, especially the youth, seek to have more information about Europe, about everyday life of Lithuanians in the EU, and gains and losses of Lithuania after joining the EU, the Lithuanian Ambassador to Ukraine noted. He also said that activity of the centers is likely to boost Ukraine's EuroIntegration, as Lithuania is ready to share EuroIntegration experience with Ukraine.

Centers will be based in the cities of operation of Honorary Consulates of Lithuania in Ukraine, headed by well-known prosperous businessmen. According to him, the centers will operate on donations. He also warned against considering centers to be potent recruiting organizations. These will be just centers with a small staff to fulfill certain projects, he said.

The centers will open after successful registration in the Justice Ministry, Algirdas Kumza said.

Ukraine and Russia unite against corporate takeovers

The Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ULIE) signed an agreement on cooperation between the corporate security system of the ULIE and the Russian Security Industry Association.

The agreement was signed between ULIE President Anatoliy Kinakh and President of the Russian Association Igor Filonenko.

As Kinakh noted, "today both Ukraine and Russia regard issues of business and investment security as very important, we should fight corporate takeovers. In view of integration with the international economic community, these issues become more and more significant," Kinakh said.

Passenger service launched between Yalta and Turkish Sinop

Yalta and the Turkish city of Sinop launched sea passenger service with a high-speed comfortable catamaran dubbed the Crimean Wave running between the two cities. The first passengers of the 260-seat catamaran became Crimean tourism operators, Mass Media representatives, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of ARC and the Yalta City Council officials. Turkish partners organized for them excursion around ancient Sinop and other sights of the Turkish north coast.

Home journey from Sinop to Yalta delivered about 30 representatives of the Turkish tourism business with the goal to continue talks on groups' exchange and tourist's routes elaboration.

As the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reported, scheduled sea passenger journeys Yalta-Sinop will be available from May to September. Their profitability will be ensured in case of 50% of passengers are on catamaran board. Besides, the Yalta port is expected to set up a consular point in order to simplify visa-issuing procedure for the Turkish passengers arriving by the Crimean Wave catamaran. According to the Turkish businessmen, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sinop, the tourism company Sinop-Tour and Sinop's authorities that initiated the new route opening, in case these provisions are observed, the shortest 6-hour distance between Turkey and Crimea will enjoy wide popularity.

Ukraine and Russia increase goods turnover in aircraft industry

Ukraine and Russia increased goods turnover in aircraft industry in 2007, chairmen of the Ukrainian and Russian Sub-Commission on Cooperation in the field of aircraft industry within the Russian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation "Yushchenko-Putin" taken place in Kyiv reported.

Chairman of the Ukrainian Sub-Commission, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy Volodymyr Ryzhkov pointed out that in 2006 the JSC Motor Sich increased three times more goods supply volume to Russia. According to him, the Machine Building Plant FED piled up supply volume in 2007 by 70% year-on-year.

In his turn, Russian Sub-Commission Deputy Chairman, and Head of the Russian Delegation to the meeting Yevgeniy Gorbunov noted that the most difficult period for the Russian and Ukrainian aircraft industries already ended, and for the time being, projects' funding is being growing. "We'd like to see our enterprise consolidated in the international arena", - he added.

One of the achievements of the Kyiv meeting was co-ordination of a joint Resolution on establishing of the TVZ-117 engines of all series and modifications assembling in Russia, including the VK-2500 engine assembling in Saint Petersburg Plant of Klimov. For the time being, the engines are being assembling at the JSC Motor Sich in Zaporizhzhya. As V. Ryzhkov informed, the instrument will be signed as soon as specialists of the Plant of Klimov and the JSC Motor Sich co-ordinate the process of submitting technical documents, as well as issues related to intellectual property change and certification.

Antonov Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Complex to show new AN-148 airplane at Le Bourget-2007

The Antonov Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Complex will show the new AN-148 airplane at the International Paris Air Show Le Bourget-2007, June 18-24 in Paris (France).

A partner in organization of presentation of the new liner for international air community will be the French company Crouzet Automatismes. Under the participation of the company and under the aegis of the Association of Airspace Industry of France (GIFAS) the Antonov's Day will be held at the saloon.

According to experts' estimations, the AN-148 surpasses by 25-30% in exploitation efficiency over the other airplanes of a similar class. Estimated volume of the aircraft's global market by 2013 is valued at almost 500 items, and 170 items in the CIS market. The aircraft's estimated value equal to 16.2-18 mln. USD depending on completing units.

Airplanes of the AN-148 series are designed for passenger, cargo-and-passenger and cargo transportation in regional and short-haul airlines.

The AN-148 is a new generation regional jet aircraft. Its base version is meant for conveyance of up to 80 passengers with up to 5,100 km. range.

Govt permits attracting external borrowings up to one billion USD

The Cabinet of Ministers authorized the Finance Ministry to attract external borrowings to the tune of up to one billion USD, First Deputy Finances Minister Vadym Kopylov told journalists.

According to him, the Govt resolution provides for no exact sum, still, he noted the 2007 national budget allows to borrow one billion USD. "We won't borrow more, but whether less depends on efficacy of our measures," he said.

Kopylov predicts Finances Ministry' making external borrowings in June if the political situation in the country is stable.

In January the Finances Ministry planned to borrow 9.8 billion UAH (one USD=5.05 UAH) to cover the shortage of the general fund of the budget, including 6 billion UAH external and 3.8 billion UAH home borrowings.

Ukraine and Russia discuss cooperation in international organizations

The first sitting of the sub-commission on cooperation in international organizations of the sub-committee on international cooperation of the Ukrainian-Russian international commission was held in Kyiv. The sitting was chaired by Director of the UN Department of The Foreign Ministry Serhiy Kyslytsia and Director of International Organizations Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Oleksandr Konuzin.

The parties exchanged opinions and discussed prospects of the 62nd session of the UN Assembly General.

The participants estimated cooperation on the Chornobyl as positive.

The consultations confirmed readiness of the foreign ministries of Ukraine and Russia to resume intensive political dialogue.

The next sitting of the sub-commission will be held in Moscow, Russia.

Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center and Moldovan Academy of sciences agree on cooperation in sectors of medicine and informatics

The Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center and the Moldovan Academy of Sciences intend to launch a number of joint projects at 267,000 Euros, Vice President of the Science Academy Ion Tyginianu said.

According to him, the experts aim at creation of IT in the sectors of medicine and informatics. The projects will be financed by the Moldovan government and the Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center.

The Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center was established in 1993 on initiative of the EU, USA, Canada and Ukraine. The organization is engaged in elaboration of new hi tech in the scientific sectors. Moldova joined the Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center in 2003.

Delegation of National Chamber of Agriculture discuss further cooperation with Hungarian counterparts

A delegation of the National Chamber of Agriculture, headed by people's deputy Mykhaylo Hladiy, is on a visit to Hungary at an invitation of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture.

The parties discussed development of the bipartite cooperation in the agricultural sector and agreed on deepening relations.

The Ukrainian delegation has been invited to participate in a sitting of the Coordination Council of Chambers of Agriculture of the Visegrad 4, slated for June 19 to 20 in Hungary.

The Ukrainian delegation also met with Farming Ministry state secretary Benedek Fulop.

Odesa hosts fourth international forum of investments and innovations

Odesa is playing a host to the fourth international forum of investments and innovations, which opened Thursday.

According to international experts, the region's investment capability reaches 6.5 billion USD. Among the promising directions are tourism and recreation, high technologies, agro-industrial complex, transport infrastructure development and logistics.

If talking about the general volume of foreign capital invested to the region's economy, today this figure amounts to some 800 million USD. Non-residents from 71 countries pose as investors to Odesa. It is leading in terms of direct foreign investments to its economy among Ukrainian cities.

Representatives of international investment funds and companies, banks, financial-industrial groups and corporations, juridical and consulting companies have arrived to participate in the forum.

The forum will represent a unique project of electronic map of land plots

Cabinet of Ministers plans to limit grain export since July 1

The Cabinet of Ministers is readying a resolution on immediate action of temporary limitation of grain export during the period of forming the reserve stock of grains, Vice Prime Minister Viktor Slauta said.

As he specified the restriction might start since July 1, the beginning of the new marketing year.

The Govt's moves are directed at forming the grain reserve as soon as possible to prevent the past year situation, when grain stock "was wasted and we had to introduce quotas".

Since June1 quotas for grain export are supposed to be canceled.

Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs believes during Portugal's presidency in EU relations with Ukraine be stepped up

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Veselovsky during his working visit to Portugal met with the Portuguese Foreign Ministry's Secretary of State for European Affairs Manuel Lobo Antunes and discussed the modern state of affairs and perspectives of development of Ukraine's relations with the EU in the context of Portugal's future presidency in the EU (since July 1). Manuel Lobo Antunes stated his conviction that the Portuguese presidency would foster Ukraine-EU relations and the side of Portugal has already started preparing a Ukraine-EU Summit, which, as he believes, will result fruitfully.

In his turn, Mr Veselovsky stressed on the inviolability of foreign political priorities of Ukraine, particularly, deepening relations with the EU and drafting a new enhanced agreement between Ukraine and the EU. On the request of the Portuguese official the Ukrainian diplomat briefed him about the internal political situation in Ukraine.

Within framework of Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Ukrainian verifiers inspect Poland

Within the framework of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe a group of Ukrainian military verifiers are inspecting facilities in the territory of Poland between May 27 and June 3.

The aim of the move is checking the participant-nations' observance of the set limitations as for the number of armaments and materiel under the Treaty.

Within the framework of the Treaty a multinational group of inspectors operates in Yarmolyntsi, Khmelnytsky region. The group is staffed by representatives of Slovakia, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Hungary.

Besides Poland Ukraine also inspects Romania, Turkey, Greece, Germany, the USA and Great Britain.

Shipbuilding Plant "Zaliv" fulfills order of Dutch company IHDA Shipbuilding

The shipbuilding plant Zaliv (Kerch, ARC, South Ukraine), which is a part of the AutoKraz holding, completed implementation of a project on building of hulls for the Dutch company IHDA Shipbuilding, the plant's press-service reported.

The plant finished building of a container carrier hull dubbed the Victoriadiep with 7,750 tons of carrying capacity and total steel weight of 2,324 tons. The hull was the last in a series of the 6 hulls: the first order was implemented in 2003.

For the time being, the ship-way hull building is on a large-scale production, and the plant is expected to heave off the next vessel in the near future.

Drought won't influence price boost for bread, Viktor Slauta believes

Agrarian Vice Prime Minister Viktor Slauta predicts no price boost for bread, resulting from drought, albeit 2007 crop, according to him, is expected at 20% to 30% less than planned.

Drought in May has resulted in resowing spring crops.

According to Deputy Agrarian Policy Minister Petro Verbytskyi, Ukraine will have sufficient amount of grain in 2007.

The Agrarian Policy Ministry predicted grain crop in 2007 at 38 M. tons, notably 17.7 M. tons of wheat, 708,000 tons of rye, 9.8 M. tons of barley, 7.2 M. ton of corn.

Border checkpoint opens at Ilichivsk Shipyard

The Cabinet of Ministers opened a border checkpoint for international marine cargo vessels at the territory of the Ilichivsk Shipyard Ltd (Odesa region). It is aimed for cargo transshipment and calling non-military vessels for repair, the Govt press service reported.

The checkpoint operates non-stop.

Ukraine reduces external debt

he direct external debt of Ukraine in April reduced by 0.17%, reaching as of April 30, 9,361.2 billion USD, the Finances Ministry reported.

The general sum of the direct state debt in April reduced by 0.13% up to 63,453.4 billion UAH (12.565 million USD).

The general sum of guaranteed debt reached 13,504.2 billion UAH (2,674.1 billion USD), including the external guaranteed debt 2,673.9 billion USD and the internal guaranteed debt 0.191 million USD.

According to the Finances Ministry, the drop of the external state debt is connected exceeding payments in paying off the debt over the borrowing sum.

Ukraine likely to accede to WTO in late 2007, Dmytro Tabachnyk says

Ukraine is likely to accede to the WTO in late 2007, Vice Prime Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk told a ceremony of decorating winners of the "European Vector" competition.

In case the VR passes the bill shortly, the last handicap on the way to accedence to the WTO will be replaced, Dmytro Tabachnyk said. He also stated his hope the event will take place in 2007.

Prime Minister declares intention to revive hockey as one of leading sports in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Government intends to make every effort to revive hockey as one of the leading sports in Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych told a meeting with State Duma Committee for Sports and Physical Culture Head, and Hockey Federation President Vladislav Tretyak of Russia. The Premier also said the priority in this direction should be given to construction of new sports grounds, and the Government will shortly provide favorable conditions for the purpose.

President Anatoliy Brezvin of the Ukrainian Hockey Federation informed that Ukraine adopted hockey development and promotion program that provides for attracting investors in building ice stadiums and all-purpose sports gardens. The hockey investor at that is allowed to erect hotel or other infrastructure near ice stadium at the land allotted by the state.

He stated as well that the two hockey federations almost reached agreements regarding the Ukrainian Hockey Club of "Sokil" transition form the Open Belarusian Championship to the Highest Hockey League of Russia.

Ukraine to build within 5 years transport artery to be part of Euro-Asian communication with China - Minister of Transport and Communications

Ukraine announced plans to build within 5 years a transport artery, which will connect West and East Ukraine, and is going to be an important link of the Euro-Asian path to China and other Asian countries, Minister of Transport and Communications Mykola Rudkovsky told the 91st European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) taking place in Bulgaria's capital of Sofia.

The Minister said the European Union should be involved in creation of the artery and it has to promote rapid and efficient implementation of the large-scale project.

Within the framework of the conference, Mykola Rudkovskiy had talks with his counterparts from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Ministers discussed issues related to cooperation and experience exchange concerning transport infrastructure development.

Sofia is hosting the 91st session of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT), where transport agencies chiefs from 31 states are to discuss problems of traffic and transport jams at Europe's main arterial roads.

Govt approves bills necessary for WTO accession

The Cabinet of Ministers approved bills necessary for Ukraine's accession to the WTO and sent them to the parliament, First Vice Prime Minister Mykola Azarov told journalists Wednesday. "Now we will work with VR committees to pass them as soon as possible," he added.

In his turn, Economy Minister Anatoliy Kinakh said the bills concern taxation of the agricultural sector, the intellectual property rights protection and other "technical" issues.

As Foreign Minister Yatsenyuk said, there is a bill among those approved by the Govt Wednesday on the customs tariff, under which the new system of description and coding of goods being introduced and is based on the international GS2002 system.

Also the bill "On export customs duty on scrap alloy ferrous metals, scrap non-ferrous metals and semi-made products and their use", which provides for introduction of cut tariffs for export custom duty on these articles when Ukraine joins the WTO, was brought in compliance with the WTO.

In correspondence with liabilities Ukraine assumed at negotiations with the USA, the Govt has approved the bill "On export customs duty on wastes and scrap ferrous metals", which puts cut tariffs of export customs duty on scrap metals into effect, since the fact of Ukraine's accession to the WTO and not in a year after the accession.

According to Yatsenyuk, the bill on export duty on oil seed suffered changes, too, it cancels indicative prices for this produce.

Russian schools in Ukraine to be opened at request of parents

Deputy Chief of the Kyiv State Administration Vitaliy Zhuravskyi commented on a statement of representative of the Regions Party Vadym Kolesnychenko, aired in Moscow, Russia at a conference on status of the Russian language abroad, suggesting that Ukraine faces huge and total derusification and violation of rights of people, who believe Russian to be their native language.

According to Zhuravskyi 45,300 pupils in Kyiv schools learn the Russian language. It means that only 15% of pupils in Kyiv learn Russian.

Zhurvaskyi also said that this figure is likely to be increased in case parents demand this.

Notably, Vitaliy Kolesnychenko said in Moscow that circa 130 Russian schools are being closed down in Ukraine, annually. The MP addressed the EU, requesting to assist people, speaking Russian in Ukraine.

Day of Europe will be officially kicked off on June 2 at 6 pm, Ian Boag says

Day of Europe will be officially kicked off in Kyiv on June 2 at 6 pm, Head of the European Commission's Mission in Ukraine Ian Boag said. According to him, Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk will take the floor at 6 pm. In this view, President of the European Commission Jose-Manuel Barosso will greet the participants on a video tape.

Ian Boag noted that Day of Europe coincides in time with the 50th anniversary of establishment of the European Union.

The European city will comprise 50 marquees, two schools of European languages and two marquees to hold debates on political and economic events.

Within the framework of the event an exhibition, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of foundation of the EU, will open in Kyiv. A gala concert will start on 7 pm at Independence Square, featuring German, Latvian and Ukrainian bands, notably the VV band.

Day of Europe will be crowned at 10 pm.

Ukraine and Canada reach cooperation in education and scientific sectors

President of the Academy of Pedagogic Sciences Vasyl Kremen met with Dean of the Department of Development of the Ukrainians Community and International Relations of the Kul University Walter Roman Petryshyn, who is, currently, on a working visit to Ukraine.

The parties discussed a wide range of topical problems. The interlocutors considered possibility of signing a frame agreement to deepen mutually beneficial relations.

The parries stressed that Ukraine and Canada have many common interests, which should be developed. Singing the memorandum will assist resolution of a large number of problems. According to Mr Petryshyn, the Kul University provides courses of the Ukrainian language, Ukrainian literature, History of Ukraine and Ukrainian folklore. According to him, every tenth citizen of Alberta is ethnic Ukrainian.

Crimea breaking records in number of tourists

To date Ukrainian resorts are full with holidayers to 51%, which is the highest performance over the recent years and proves growing attractiveness of the peninsula's resorts, Deputy Minister for Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Maryna Slesariova said.

According to her, most tourists have come from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, Germany and this year from Great Britain.

Still, she said laws need to be improved to develop tourism and complained that the program of Crimea development, as the all-the-year-round resort, which was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers three years ago, has not been financed so far.

There are 600 resort-recreational establishments of different property forms in Crimea. During the recent years Crimea is annually visited by 5.2 million tourists all-the-year-round.

Ukrainian peacekeepers within UN Mission in Liberia ensure safety of Nigerian President visit to Liberia

Ukrainian peacekeepers within the UN Mission in Liberia ensured safety of visit of President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria to the West-African country.

As Defense Ministry press-service told, two pairs of Mi-24 helicopters were involved in air escort and air-cover of the President's cortege. An interaction with the escort column of Nigeria's President was provided by specially accredited officers of battle command unit headed by mayor Volodymyr Turyanskyi.

The helicopters patrolled main road and access roads on the cortege's path and screened works of the governmental delegation in the Liberian capital of Monrovia.

The UN Mission in Liberia command praised Ukrainian pilots' skills and high quality job.

Ukraine and WTO agree on state support for agricultural sector in transition period

Ukraine and the WTO have agreed upon the state support for agriculture during the transition period, sources with the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation say.

According to the agreements, which were reached at informal talks in Geneva, as the basis for calculations of budgetary donations to agriculture the period between 2004 and 2006 will be regarded. Thus, state support for agriculture will reach 1.7 bn. USD annually.

By way of commenting on the agreements, President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation Leonid Kozachenko noted that this level of the state support is quite expedient.

Agrarian Policy Ministry finds essential to resow 400,000 hectares in view of drought

The Agrarian Policy Ministry finds it as essential to resow 400,000 hectares of crops in view of drought, the Agrarian Policy Ministry's press service told.

As of May 23, agriculture enterprises have sawn 8.1 M. hectares with grain crop. In 2007 as many as 6,95 M, hectares were sawn with winter crops.

The Agrarian Policy Ministry predicted grain crop up to 38 M. tons in 2007. In 2006 grain crop amounted to 34.1 M. tons.

"Aerosvit" launches link with Shanghai

The "Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines" has launched a link with Shanghai.

The company will operate the Boeing 767 in this view. A flight lasts 9 to 10 hours.

Flights will be held once a week Fridays.

In summer the "Aerosvit" intends to run 60 international routs and 11 air links among Ukrainian cities.

Ukraine maintains peace for 15 years, UN Peacekeepers Day marked on May 29

On May 29 the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers is marked world wide, it was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2002 upon Ukraine's initiative.

Officially this day is marked in Ukraine since 2003. In 2007 Ukraine marks 15 years of participation in UN peace maintaining operations.

There are 560 Ukrainians among 100,000 strong UN peacekeeping army. Ukrainians are taking part in seven UN peacekeeping operations: in Georgia, Ethiopia and Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kosovo, Liberia, Sudan and Timor-Leste.

In particular, over 300 Ukrainian servicemen are taking part in the UN Mission in Liberia and near 200 officers and civil police personnel are serving in Kosovo.

Ukraine's participation in UN peacekeeping operation gives weighty positive results, including strengthening the authority of the state, creating favorable climate for establishment and facilitation of bilateral economic cooperation with relevant countries and attaining a valuable professional experience by servicemen.

EBRD presents 100 million euro program of energy efficiency in Ukraine

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development presented a Ukrainian Energy Efficiency Programme (UKEEP). The program is financed by the Swedish Government and costs 100 million EUR. The program is aimed at granting sub-credits to the tune of up to five million USD to Ukrainian companies for introduction of energy efficient technologies.

The main Ukrainian bank, program participant is UkrExImBank (50 million EUR), another bank participant is KreditPromBank (10 million EUR). According to EBRD Ukraine Director Kamen Zahariev, 1 or 3 more Ukrainian commercial banks may also be involved.

Ukrainian Ambassador to USA meets with USA-EU Committee on Ukraine members in Washington

Ukrainian Ambassador to the USA Oleh Shamshur met with representatives of the USA-EU committee on Ukraine, the Ukrainian Embassy's sources told.

During the talks the American side was briefed about Ukraine's position at negotiations with the EU on a new enhanced agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Oleh Shamshur focused on Ukraine's principle goals and stressed on exclusively pragmatic approaches of the Ukrainian delegation during the talks. The Ukrainian diplomat stressed that the first priority task is reaching a consensus in creating a free trade zone.

The committee members told the Ukrainian side about their activities, particularly, about the recent discussion of expert appraisals of Ukraine's European prospects. They reassured the Ukrainian side of their support for Ukraine in its drive to the EU.

Foreign intelligence service institute to appear in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers has resolved to create a foreign intelligence service institute on the basis of the foreign intelligence personnel training institute with the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine.

In October 2004 the foreign intelligence service was established by President Leonid Kuchma.

Trade-economic cooperation discussed between Ukraine and Germany

Germany is world's leading country on investments into Ukraine, Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told a meeting with German Federal Minister for Economics and Technology Michael Glos.

We are interested to move on, fulfill new investments projects with attraction of German Capital and Advanced Technologies, Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in Germany.

The parties paid attention to stepping up activity of the Ukrainian -German Economic Group engaged in drafting and fulfillment of joint projects and priorities. The interlocutors stated their hope that the group will draft serious recommendations to six political consultations at the high level in fall 2007 in Kyiv.

On initiative of Arseniy Yatsenyuk a program of the visit was cut. He didn't meet with members of the Ukrainian- German Parliamentary Group of the German Parliament and experts of the "Ukraine" research group of the German Fund "Science and Politics".

According to the Foreign Ministry's spokesman Andriy Deshchytsia, the Foreign Minister was supposed to attend a sitting of the CIS Council of Prime Ministers in Yalta. His participation is in question now that the Prime Minister is back to Kyiv.

Next round of negotiations on new enhanced agreement between Ukraine and EU slated for July, 2007

The next round of negotiations between Ukraine and the EU is slated for July 2 to 4 in Kyiv, Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Veselovskyi said in Brussels.

According to Andriy Veselovskyi, who heads the Ukrainian delegation to Brussels, the third round of talks between Ukraine and the EU was held in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Ukraine is the only country so far, considering a new enhanced agreement with the EU. This is a new move and a new stage for the EU, a so -called handicap, it overcomes.

The diplomat noted that negotiations were held in the format of three working groups in the sectors of security policy, law and sector cooperation. The forth group will join negotiations after Ukraine accedes to the EU. We hold unofficial consultations, albeit no official statements have been aired yet.

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister, the working group on international security policy has a successful operation. Ukraine's stance reflects its bids to reach new political associations and economic integration in the result of the agreement's fulfilment.

Activity in the format of the second group in the justice sector was a bit strained. It was complicated for the EU to allow free move of Ukrainian citizens and migration. We are sincere, noting that we are not ready yet to meet European standards in this view. Therefore, we need rather the EU's assistance than cooperation, Andriy Veselovskyi stressed.

The third working group on sector issues discusses the most complicated issues for Ukraine. Our state attempts to follow the path of the EU's members. We don't copy their experience, we want to launch it in Ukraine. The job will be quite hard, as we don't get the EU's finance support unlike other countries.

He stressed that both Ukraine and the EU have grounds for mutual interest in sector cooperation. A majority of the Ukrainian officials successfully geared up to the negotiations.

The EU's delegation admitted successful work of the Ukrainian delegation, qualitative and timely draft of documents. This is a proof for the EU that the internal crisis doesn't influence the negotiations, the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

Internal crisis in Ukraine doesn't influence negotiations with EU, Arseniy Yatsenyuk says

Internal situation in Ukraine doesn't influence negotiations with the EU, Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told journalists after a meeting with his German opposite number Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Prospects of reaching a new agreement between Ukraine and the EU are in focus at negotiations of official delegations.

Ukraine doesn't demand membership from the EU, Arseniy Yatsenyuk stressed.

Kyiv refuses from declarations in favour of pragmatic tactics of free crossborder move of citizens, access to finance and commodity markets, rehabilitation of transport corridors, legal employment of Ukrainians abroad, access for the youth to European educational programs and cooperation in the IT sector.

According to Arseniy Yatsenyuk, negotiations on a new agreement between Ukraine and the EU will last for a year. Meanwhile, a document on simplification of visa regime for Ukrainian citizens is expected to be signed on June 18.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk also noted that Ukraine's full-fledged membership in the EU is the state's key goal.

Danish "Rockwool International" to construct plant to produce mineral cotton

The Council General of the "Rockwool International" will construct a plant to produce mineral cotton in Ukraine.

The "Rockwool International" penetrated the Ukrainian market in 1997.

EBRD earmarks 175 M. Euros for rehabilitation of Kyiv-Chop road

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has earmarked 175 M Euros to rehabilitate the M06 Kyiv-Chop road, the Finance Ministry's press service told.

The M-06 "Kyiv-Chop" is prolongation of international transport corridors No 3 and No 5.

Monmartr to appear in Kyiv

A pedestrian street, similar to the French Monmartr will lay along the Andriyivskyi descent, which is rich in sightseeing objects, notably the House of Mikhail Bulhakov.

The Kyiv City Administration intends to forward a bill to the Kyiv City Rada on ban of traffic move along the Andriyivskyi descend, First Deputy Mayor of Kyiv Anatoliy Holubchenko said.

The Andriyivskyi descend has seen no rehabilitation since 1980.

Shebelynskyi Gas-Processing Plant start preparing for investment project implementation with estimated value of 525 M. UAH

The Shebelynskyi Gas-Processing Plant (Kharkiv region, East Ukraine) started preparing for investment project implementation with estimated value of 525 M. UAH (1 USD - 5.05 UAH).

Within the project, the light gasoline cuts isomerization unit should be constructed. According to the "UkrGazVydobuvannya" plans (the state-run company is involved in the project financing), the unit has to be put into operation by 2010.

By introducing the isomerization unit the plant will increase gasoline production of the Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards.

Quality level can be brought to the Euro-6 in case Ukraine will show a relevant demand on gasoline of the kind.

The unit's industrial construction is to begin in 2008.

Conference on gearing up to "Sea Breeze 2007" runs through

A conference on gearing up to the "Sea Breeze - 2007" runs through in Odesa. The tactical Ukrainian-US exercises will be held within the framework of the "Partnership for the Sake of Peace".

The conference saw participation of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Latvia, Macedonian, Moldova, Germany, Romania and Canada.

The "Sea Breeze 2007" is the most large-scale event in Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk pays an official visit to Germany

Foreign Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk stayed on an official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany presiding in the EU in the first half year 2007, according to the Ministry's press-service.

During the visit Arseniy Yatsenyuk is going to negotiate with Federal Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany, Ministry of Economics and Technology Michael Glos, and Department for International Relations, Internal Security and Global Affairs of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Federal Chancellor Foreign Policy and Security Assistant Christof Huisgen.

The parties intend to discuss wide range of issues related to bilateral and international cooperation in political, economic, energy and humanitarian areas.

Special emphasis will be put on the European problematics in the context of the Germany's Presidency in the EU in this half year.

Greek "Piraeus Bank" purchases 78% of Ukrainian "International Commerce Bank"

The "Greek Piraeus Bank" has signed a deal on purchase of 78% of the Ukrainian "International Commerce Bank".

The "Piraeus Bank" is a leading Greek bank operating 301 departments in Greece and one in London. The bank also has offices abroad, notably in Bulgaria, Albania, USA, Serbia and Egypt. The bank's assets are evaluated at 43.5 bn Euros.

In October 2004 the international Finance Group "SEB" purchased 94% of shares of the "Azhio" bank.

In August 2005 the Austrian "Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding" purchased 93.5% of the "Aval" bank.

In February 2007 the Italian "Banca Intensa" agreed on acquisition of 85.42% of the "UkrSotsBank".

In April the French "BNP Paribas" purchased 51% of the "UkrSibBank".

Ukraine discusses implementation of joint projects with Pakistan

A meeting between Fuel and Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko and Pakistani Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Amanullah Khan Jadoon saw consideration of positive development of cooperation between the countries.

The parties also focused on transnational energy projects. We have certain results and we will continue our cooperation, Yuriy Boyko promised.

NATO Secretary General praised Ukrainian corvette "Ternopil" activity during maneuvers within NATO Active Endeavor operation

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer well criticized the corvette's Ternopil activity involved in the NATO Active Endeavor operation in Mediterranean.

"We feel great pleasure for the "Ternopil" ship presence here. This is a vivid example of the Ukrainian corvette managed to integrate with NATO's warships within a short time", - the Alliance's Secretary General noted. "I can say it is not easy to follow the NATO's procedures and practice and be really concurred with the NATO's Naval Forces", - he stressed.

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer also pointed out that Ukraine's ship participation within the Active Endeavor operation means that the Ukraine-NATO partnership may contribute substantially not only to political area but to the practical military cooperation area as well. "For me, as for anybody else, who grew up in time of the cold war, it is very symbolic to observe NATO warships and the U.S. battleship "Theodore Roosevelt" travelling alongside with the "Ternopil" corvette. This is an extraordinary event for us and our Ukrainian friends", - the Alliance's Head stated.

Festival of Ukrainian culture runs in New-York

The 29th annual "Ukrainian Festival on the 7th Avenue" drew representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora from the entire world.

The event lasted three days. Within the framework of the festival a gala concert was initiated.

The "Syzokryli" ensemble from New-York treated the participants into their performance. The visitors were enabled to taste the traditional Ukrainian cuisine and tour the exhibition of books, CDs and embroidered pictures.

Similar event are held annually in Silver Spring, Glen-Spi, San-Diego, Warren and other towns and cities.

Ukraine to determine "Seven Wonders" in August

Best monuments and historical objects of Ukraine will be selected within the framework of the event "7 Wonders of Ukraine", which will be summed up on August 23 in Kyiv.

Every region is supposed to recommend three unique monuments of architecture and history. The Volyn region has already suggested the Lutsk Castle, Lesia Ukrayinka Museum and the complex of monuments in Volodymyr-Volynskyi. Kyiv suggested the Sofia Kyivska, Kyiv-Pecherska Laura and the House with Chimeras.

The Zaporizhzhia region suggested the national sanctuary "Khortytsia island”.

The organizing committee will decide upon 21 objects by July 7. The list of objects will be made public at the "Ethnic Summer" festival in the Cherkasy region.

Limitations for trucks imposed in Ukraine

The Road Police and the Internal Ministry Road Police Department have informed about limitations for trucks with the weight of over 24 tons under the temperature +28, the Internal Ministry Road Police Department's press service told.

The limitations will be imposed to prevent from destruction of roads in Ukraine.

Azeri Friendly Association established in Odesa Communications Academy

On the basis of the Oleksandr Popov Odesa Communications Academy the Azeri Friendly Association has been established.

According to Director for International Relations of the Academy Olena Shulhan, Azeris have been undergoing courses in the academy since 1958. Presently, as many as 45 of them undergo training.

World Bank to give Ukraine credit of 144 M. USD for improvement of water supply

The World Bank will give Ukraine a credit of 144 M. USD for water supply improvement. The long-term credit with 3-year delay in payment by interest will be given this half year, Minister of Housing and Communal Services Oleksandr Popov said.

70 M. USD will be distributed among Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk, and 74 M. USD more will be given to small cities to be chosen by the World Bank.

First Ukrainian -Chinese forum "Science-Industry" opens in Kharkiv

The First Ukrainian Forum "Science-Production" has opened in Kharkiv. It aims reaching direct cooperation between scientific organizations of China and the Kharkiv region.

The program includes presentation of new scientific-technical elaborations of educational institutions, enterprises in the sectors of IT, computer engineering and management, information protection and others.

International exhibition "Woodworking 2007" opens in Lviv

The 10th international exhibition "Woodworking 2007" in Lviv has drawn participants from Ukraine, UK, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, China, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

The largest exposition is presented by the joint Ukrainian-Czech enterprise Rojek-Lviv.

Istanbul to host sitting of commission against pollution of Black Sea

Istanbul will host an extraordinary sitting of the commission to combat pollution of the Black Sea on May 30 to 31 to consider environmental protection cooperation among the Pontic region's countries and gearing up to a conference of Environmental Ministers of the Pontic region's states in June 2008 in Kyiv.

During the 16th sitting of the commission Ukraine will step in office to replace Turkey, the Environmental Protection Ministry's press service told.

Notably, Ukraine ratified a convention to hinder pollution of the Black Sea in 1994. The Bucharest convection was signed by Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine.

Gearing up to sitting of CIS Council of Prime Ministers completed in Ukraine

Gearing to a sitting of the CIS Council of Prime Ministers, slated for May 25 in Crimea has been completed. A sitting of the organizing committee for gearing up to the event was conducted by Crimean PM Viktor Plakyda.

The sitting saw consideration of the agenda of the sitting.

The sitting of the CIS Council of Prime Ministers will be broadcast live on TV and will be tackled by the press.

The heads of foreign delegations will arrive in Simferopol on early May 24. A number of bipartite meetings will be held after in the day.

The sitting itself is slated for May 25 and will be followed by a press conference.

Economy Minister discusses cooperation with Italian International Trade and European Affairs Minister

Economy Minister Anatoliy Kinakh met with Italian International Trade and European Affairs Minister Emma Bonino within the framework of participation in a conference of economy and trade ministers in Stokholm. The parties discussed cooperation in the energy, transport and environmental protections sectors.

Emma Bonino stated support to Eurointegration bids of Ukraine. Ministers upheld an idea of holding the business forum "Ukraine-Italy" and the Forum of Business Women in Bari in September.

The Council of Baltic Sea is an international organization, comprising 11 countries.

PGO resumes agency for foreign investments protection

The Prosecutor General Office has resumed the work of the main agency for foreign investments protection, Prosecutor General Sviatoslav Piskun said, by way of speaking at a meeting of the president and foreign investors, diplomats. "This month I've promoted the resumption of the investments protection agency," he said, having noted that since now the issue is being supervised by a specially appointed Deputy Prosecutor General.

According to Piskun, presently the PGO investigates 27 criminal cases on violation of investors' rights. The Prosecutor General also announced the PGO being involved in checking VAT reimbursement facts.

15th international car exhibition "SIA 2007" opens in Kyiv

The 15th international car exhibition "SIA 2007" has opened in Kyiv.

The exposition comprises DACIA, DADI, Daiwa, Dodge, Cadillac, Chery, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Landmark, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Renault, VAZ and ZAZ cars.

Transport and Communications Minister Mykola Rudkovskyi kicked off the exhibition.

Ahead of the Euro 2012 a new circle road will be constructed in Kyiv.

Mykola Rudkovskyi pledges to create favorable conditions for thrive of automakers' business in Ukraine.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

International exhibition of ship-building opens in Mykolayiv

An international exhibition of ship-building has opened at the "Narim" Mykolayiv exhibition center.

The exhibition drew participants from Russia, Poland, Denmark and Ukraine.

The exposition comprises ships, yachts, technologies, materials, instruments and various devises.