Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ukraine and Russia increase goods turnover in aircraft industry

Ukraine and Russia increased goods turnover in aircraft industry in 2007, chairmen of the Ukrainian and Russian Sub-Commission on Cooperation in the field of aircraft industry within the Russian-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation "Yushchenko-Putin" taken place in Kyiv reported.

Chairman of the Ukrainian Sub-Commission, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy Volodymyr Ryzhkov pointed out that in 2006 the JSC Motor Sich increased three times more goods supply volume to Russia. According to him, the Machine Building Plant FED piled up supply volume in 2007 by 70% year-on-year.

In his turn, Russian Sub-Commission Deputy Chairman, and Head of the Russian Delegation to the meeting Yevgeniy Gorbunov noted that the most difficult period for the Russian and Ukrainian aircraft industries already ended, and for the time being, projects' funding is being growing. "We'd like to see our enterprise consolidated in the international arena", - he added.

One of the achievements of the Kyiv meeting was co-ordination of a joint Resolution on establishing of the TVZ-117 engines of all series and modifications assembling in Russia, including the VK-2500 engine assembling in Saint Petersburg Plant of Klimov. For the time being, the engines are being assembling at the JSC Motor Sich in Zaporizhzhya. As V. Ryzhkov informed, the instrument will be signed as soon as specialists of the Plant of Klimov and the JSC Motor Sich co-ordinate the process of submitting technical documents, as well as issues related to intellectual property change and certification.