Friday, May 30, 2008

Clinic for children with HIV/AIDS opening

On May 30, at 9.00 President Victor Yushchenko will attend a ceremony of opening a Clinic for treating children who have HIV/AIDS. (OHMADYT Children hospital, Kyiv)

President returns from Canada

President Victor Yushchenko finished his three day State visit to Canada and departed for Kyiv.

Presidential couple visits Royal Ontario Museum

In Toronto, together with his wife Kateryna Yushchenko, President Victor Yushchenko visited the Royal Ontario Museum, a major museum for world culture and natural history.

The Presidential couple took a tour of the museum including the exposition of Trypillya culture scheduled to be opened for public at the end of November 2008.

After the tour President signed the Book of Honorable Guests of the museum.

President pleased with Canada visit results

At his press availability in Toronto, President Victor Yushchenko expressed satisfaction with the results of his three day State visit to Canada. “I am assured that after the visit we have become even closer friends with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and with governmental circles [of Canada] and have given a new meaning to our distinct partnership”, - he said.

Among one of the successes of the visit President mentioned signature of the Memorandum of understanding between Ukraine's Ministry of Fuels and Energy and Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. To him this agreement would surely lead to diminishing Ukraine’s reliance upon other countries’ energy resources.

Victor Yushchenko is also pleased with advance on humanitarian direction of cooperation between Ukraine and Canada. “I think I have succeeded in explaining to the Prime Minister and the deputies of the Parliament, why acknowledgment of Holodomor by the lower chamber of the Parliament of Canada an act of genocide is of fundamental importance for Ukraine “, - said President Yushchenko about that aspect of talks with Canadian authorities. Here he praised yesterday’s positive decision of the House of Commons on the subject, saying that it is a brilliant victory. “No one doubts that the decision will be adopted in one to two days and will be absolutely positive”, - he said.  

President urges the Government to resume daily work

Answering questions of journalists in Toronto about his opinion on Government’s work President Victor Yushchenko stressed that he would advise the Government to forget about results of Kyiv local elections and return to daily work.

“I would ask those responsible for organization of Government’s work to forget about emotions, return from the elections, to sit in their working offices and to start their routine governmental work”, - he said.

President invites Canadian business to cooperate

In Toronto President Victor Yushchenko took part in business forum “Prospects of Ukrainian-Canadian cooperation after Ukraine’s accession to the WTO”.

In his speech President Yushchenko pointed to steady economic growth of Ukraine as a positive factor for deepening cooperation between Ukrainian and Canadian businesses. “We consider Canada and Canadian business our firm partners. We highly appreciate a distinct status of relations established between our states”, - he added.

As one of the promising areas for cooperation President named Ukrainian agriculture. “We are highly interested in increasing investments flow into our agriculture”, - he said, adding that potential benefits for investors lie in both sectors of production and processing of agricultural goods.

He also invited Canadian businessmen to join projects on preparation to holding EURO 2012 in Ukraine, reminding that there had been a law adopted, providing such investors with preferences.

Ukraine, Bulgaria want more active development of economic relations, says Bulgarian consul

The current level of economic relations between Ukraine and Bulgaria satisfies neither Ukraine, nor Bulgaria. Bulgarian general consul in Odesa Georgi Prodanov announced this during a meeting with Kherson regional governor Borys Silenkov in Kherson on May 29.

He said that Ukrainian-Bulgarian relations had been developing very well over the last years. "Political contacts between the countries are at a very high level. However, economic relations still cannot come up with political contacts. Political contacts are excellent, while economic relations are lagging behind," he said.

Prodanov said that Bulgarian companies are currently interested in the development of cooperation with Ukraine in the reprocessing of agricultural products. In particular, this concerns whine making, sunflower oil production, and the reprocessing of honey. According to the Bulgarian diplomat, "Bulgarian investment will constantly grow."

As for political contacts between the two countries, they will "be quite intensive this year." In particular, an official visit by Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko to Bulgaria is scheduled. Bulgarian Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev might also visit Ukraine (including its southern regions) in the summer of 2008, the consul said.


Ukraine, Germany Space Agencies sign cooperation agreement

The National Space Agency of Ukraine and Germany's space agency DLR have concluded an agreement on cooperation in outer space industry.

The agreement was signed in the presence of National Space Agency Director General Yuriy Alekseev and DLR CEO Johann-Dietrich Worner within the framework of the ILA-2008 International Aerospace Exhibition in Berlin.

The framework agreement provides for cooperation between the two countries' space agencies in the areas of astrophysics and Sun system study; monitoring and study of changes of climate and environment; exploration of weightlessness; control of orbital and suborbital platforms and appropriate space vehicles for observance of Earth surface; development of technologies and outer space platforms; effective load; devices and service systems; use of outer space infrastructure and working capacities; space law; management and training of experts; exchange and use of space data; surface training; and measuring from the air.

The National Space Agency of Ukraine was created in 1992 for implementation of goal-oriented government policy in the outer space industry. It unites about 40 branch enterprises and organizations.

DLR incorporates 28 research institutes, its annual budget being EUR 450 million.


Defense Ministry, Darnytsia district sign cooperation agreement

The Defense Ministry of Ukraine and the Darnytsia District State Administration in the City of Kyiv have signed the agreement on cooperation in implementation of the state program for the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the period until 2011.

The agreement was signed by Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov and District State Administration Chair Vitaliy Stashuk.

Yuriy Yekhanurov said that the defense ministry had already signed agreements on cooperation with nearly a half of Ukrainian regions, adding that he viewed each district of Kyiv as a separate region, so the defense ministry would work with each district state administration of the city separately. The minister expressed hope that the agreement would make it possible in the first place to settle the question of housing for the military.


Scientific conference on Ukraine - Armenia ties opens in Lviv

An international scientific conference devoted to Armenian - Ukrainian relations has opened at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.

The conference was called by the Armenian Studies Department of the Michigan University, the Ukrainian Catholic University, the Yatsyk Center of Ukrainian History Studies (Canada's Institute of Ukrainian studies), and Lviv-based department of the Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Study.

Scientists from Canada, Poland, the US, Germany, Hungary, Armenia, Ukraine and other countries have come for the three-day conference.

Uliana Holovach, scientific department head at the Ukrainian Catholic University, told that "on the agenda of the conference are the issues of history, culture, identity of Armenian diaspora in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, its influence on those territories, significance of cultural exchange between peoples, and other aspects of Armenian - Ukrainian relations".


Ukraine marking International Day of UN Peacekeepers

Ukraine is celebrating the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers. The country has been marking the day since 2003 in accordance with a presidential decree.

Over 20 thousand of Ukrainians participated in international peace and stability support operations in various parts of the world over the period of Ukraine's independence.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko congratulated the military on the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.

Particularly, she emphasized that participants in peacekeeping operations can be definitely called fighters for peace, and that their hard job contributed to Ukraine's international prestige. "Trust of people in the countries where you performed your peacekeeping missions, and high rewards of the UN leadership attest to recognition of your professionalism at the world level. Thanks to you the Ukrainian flag in hot spots became a symbol of peaceableness, stability and responsibility," the message of greetings says.


Luhansk Culture Institute, Brussels Royal Conservatoire ink cooperation agreement

The Luhansk State Institute of Culture and Arts (Luhansk, East Ukraine) and the Brussels Royal Conservatoire have signed a treaty on cooperation, international exchanges and joint concert activity.

The Conservatoire delegation has come to Ukraine for holding official meetings and master classes.

Every year since 2006, a professor of the Conservatoire has been coming to Luhansk to give master classes in clarinet for students and teachers of the Institute's music department, as well as for local music colleges and aesthetic education schools.


Ukraine trying to boost contacts with Canadian diaspora

Ukraine is planning to open its consulate general in Canada's Edmonton in June 2008, Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko said during his meeting with Ukrainian community of Toronto during his state visit to Canada.

Addressing the meeting, the head of state emphasized that Ukraine is trying to extend contacts and cooperation with representatives of Canada's Ukrainian diaspora. Particularly, this is also possible due to implementation of a number of cultural and humanitarian projects.

Viktor Yushchenko paid a special attention in this context to the 75th anniversary of the 1932 - 1933 Great Famine (Holodomor) in Ukraine to be marked in November 2008. In the President's words, within the framework of this date, it is planned, particularly, to hold a film festival, for whose preparation he invited Ukraine diaspora.

The President drew attention to the importance of providing Ukrainian schools, libraries, television centers, military units in every place where Ukrainians live, materials devoted to Holodomor. Apart from this, Ukraine is awaiting from the Ukrainian community of Canada formation by November of a register of witnesses and victims of Holodomor, and its delivery to Ukraine.

Touching on humanitarian projects, on which Ukraine and Ukrainian community of Canada may cooperate, the President called the opportunity for drawing young Canadian Ukrainians into work as supervisors at the Artek international children's camp, where particularly the Let us Change the World for the Better international festival will take place this summer.

At the end of the meeting, the President handed in state rewards to representatives of Canada's Ukrainian community.


Government alarmed about situation with Interior Minister Lutsenko

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has expressed alarm about the situation linked to the investigation into a criminal case against Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, which was opened by the Prosecutor General's Office, according to an official statement of the Government.

"Statements that were announced in the media, concerning accusations made against the Interior Minister and personal explanations by Lutsenko, show that these accusations were obviously far-fetched and made to order," the statement said.

The Government of the coalition of democratic forces is alarmed about the pressure being exercised by the Prosecutor General's Office on Government members. "We consider these moves as a threat to democratic achievements of our state, a return to the period of authoritarianism, and disregard for human rights and freedoms," reads the statement.

The Government is protesting against political persecution and asking law enforcement bodies to end the practice of opening criminal cases at the request of political forces, and demanding exhaustive measures on preventing the politicization of prosecutor's bodies.


Ukrainian, Malaysian diplomats discuss bilateral cooperation in all sectors

Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleksandr Kupchyshyn has met his Malaysian counterpart Mohinder Singh during his visit to Malaysia. The goal of the visit was the consideration of a number of issues of bilateral cooperation.

During their meeting, the officials stressed the need to ensure a consistent political dialogue at the highest level. In this connection, the Malaysian side expressed readiness to accept the Ukrainian foreign minister on his visit to Malaysia. Such a visit is being viewed as preparation for a state visit by the Ukrainian president to this country.

The diplomats also stressed the need to deepen the legal base of bilateral relations by focusing attention on trade and economic documents.

Kupchyshyn said Ukraine was interested in extending cooperation in education. In this context, he raised the issue of recognizing Malaysian diplomas in Ukrainian higher educational establishments, particularly medical universities and institutes.

In addition, the city of Putrajaya hosted Ukrainian-Malaysian consultations on sharing experience in using international legal mechanisms for resolving the issues of sea border delimitation.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

President meets Ukrainian diaspora in Toronto

In Toronto President Yushchenko, accompanied by his wife Kateryna Yushchenko met with representatives of Ukrainian community of Canada.

In his address before those present Victor Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine aims to broaden contacts and cooperation with Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. According to him this is possible through implementation of a number of cultural and humanitarian projects such as marking in November 2008 the 75th anniversary of the Great Famine in Ukraine, attraction of young Canadians of Ukrainian heritage to working with children in Artek camp in the summer, participation of the diaspora in opening of Museum of Hetmans in Baturyn, etc.

Continuing his speech Victor Yushchenko told the representatives of Ukrainian community about internal political, economic, cultural situation in Ukraine. Much attention he also paid to Ukraine’s achievements on the path towards European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

Before closing the meeting President Yushchenko presented state awards to representatives of Ukrainian diaspora in Canada.

President travels to Toronto

Continuing his three day State visit to Canada President Victor Yushchenko went from Winnipeg to the City of Toronto.

Victor and Kateryna Yushchenkos honor Holodomor victims in Winnipeg

In Winnipeg President Victor Yushchenko together with his wife Kateryna Yushchenko honored victims of the Great Famine of 1932-1933 by placing candles near the monument to victims of Holodomor. Mayor of the City of Winnipeg Sam Katz was also present at the event.

After that the Presidential couple met representatives of Manitoba Ukrainian community. At the meeting Ukrainians of Canada asked President questions about state of affairs in Ukraine with culture, education, etc.

President expects VR to swear in Constitutional Court Judges

In his interview to journalists in Winnipeg President Victor Yushchenko expressed expectancies that Verkhovna Rada would swear in the Judges of the Constitutional Court on June 3, as it is scheduled.

According to President staffing the Constitutional Court is now very important for it to work normally. “I ask the Ukrainian Parliament to swear in the Judges of the Constitutional court on June 3, brought in by President’s submission. I hope that [proper] consultations with Verkhovna Rada Speaker and political parties will be held these days so that this question was included in the agenda and voted on”, - he added.

President thinks Kyiv elections were democratic

Making comments on elections of Kyiv mayor and Kyiv Council deputies to Ukrainian journalists in Winnipeg, President Victor Yushchenko characterized them as democratic. According to him Kyiv citizens had all opportunities to freely express their political likings at the polling places.

As to the results of the election President opined that Kyiv inhabitants showed that they wanted to see practical work of the politicians, rather than scandals and reciprocal accusations. He also urged political forces that have won the right to work in Kyiv Council and the new Kyiv Mayor to unite in solving real problems in education, healthcare, transportation, etc as Kyiv citizens are expecting them to.  

President recieves Honorary Doctorate

President Victor Yushchenko visited the University of Winnipeg, where at a Special Convocation he received an Honorary Doctor of Laws.

Expressing high appreciation of the title President stressed that he perceives it as a display of special confidence and true friendship between peoples of Ukraine and Canada. “First of all it is an acknowledgment of our state’s achievements in democratic development and civil society formation in Ukraine. It is a graphic evidence of importance attached in Canada to relations of distinct partnership with Ukraine”, - he added.

President meets initiators of CMHR

In Winnipeg President Victor Yushchenko met with members of Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

As President was informed at the meeting opening of the museum is scheduled on year 2011. Ukrainian Canadian Congress is taking part in the project and aims to establish a permanent exposition in the museum dedicated to the Great Famine in Ukraine of 1932-1933.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is envisioned to be a national and international destination -- a centre of learning and history where Canadians and people from other countries can engage in dialogue and commit to taking action to combat the forces of hate and oppression. 

President puts flowers near Winnipeg T.Shevchenko monument

President Victor Yushchenko together with Primer of Manitoba Gary Albert Doer took part in flower laying ceremony near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Winnipeg. Members of the Ukrainian delegation also took part in the event.

In his speech at the event President Yushchenko reminded of a distinct role of Taras Shevchenko in shaping national self-consciousness of the Ukrainians and development of Ukrainian language. “With his mission Taras Shevchenko made a unique present to the nation – when our language has been called vaudeville, he said that it is a national language”, - he .stressd

President goes to Winnipeg

Continuing his three day visit to Canada President Victor Yushchenko went to Winnipeg where he is scheduled inter alia to meet with the Premier of Manitoba Gary Albert Doer.

President takes part in State dinner in his honor

President Victor Yushchenko took part in a State dinner hosted by the Governor General and Mr. Lafond in his and Mrs. Yushchenko’s honor.

In his toast President stressed that Ukrainian-Canadian friendship has a long tradition therefore possesses potential for further development. “Similarity of approaches towards resolution of most of global problems determine active cooperation between Ukraine and Canada on international scene, including in promotion of fundamental human rights, principles of liberty and democracy”, - he added.

President writes letter to PM

President Victor Yushchenko wrote a letter to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in which expressed his concerns about the Government delaying monthly promulgation of subsistence wage. According to President despite the law of March 1, 2008 demanded the Government to publish subsistence wage before 20th day of each month it failed to do so on both scheduled dates: 20th of April and 20th of May. To his mind, concealing the information about state of affairs in that field is unacceptable.

On the measures taken President asked Prime Minister to inform him urgently.

President lights up a candle in Ottawa

In Ottawa President Victor Yushchenko took part in international event “Keep the Flame Alive” honoring memory of those lost in the Holodomor 1932-1933.

In his address at the event President Yushchenko stressed that the Great Famine of 1932-1933 has been a well-planned genocide of the Ukrainian nation, executed by the totalitarian regime. According to him by means of it the communists were trying to eliminate any probability of Ukrainian statehood restoration. “We believe that in 2008, when we are marking the 75th anniversary of the Ukrainian tragedy, the General Assembly of the UN will say its important word of truth”, - added Victor Yushchenko expressing hope for world’s recognition of Holodomor as a genocide.

The participants of the action along with President Yushchenko were the National President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Paul (Pavlo) Grod, Secretary of State for Multiculturalism and Canadian Identity Jason Kenney, Canadian parliamentarians, diplomats, representatives of the Ukrainian community. Those present honored those who suffered in the Great Famine by putting candles near the replica of Kyiv Memorial of Holodomor 1932-1933 victims and observing a moment of silence.

Pesident gives interview to CBC Television

In Ottawa President Victor Yushchenko gave an interview to the Canadian CBC Television.

During the interview President answered questions about Holodomor 1932-33, Ukrainian-Russian relations, European and Euro-Atlantic prospects of Ukraine, energy security, etc.

Ukrainian-Canadian talks take place

Within the framework of the State visit of President Victor Yushchenko to Canada Ukrainian-Canadian talks took place in Ottawa co-chaired by the President and the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper.

From the Ukrainian side present at the talks were Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko, Health Minister Vasyl Knyazevych, Minister for Culture Vasyl Vovkun, Minister for Agrarian Policy Yuriy Melnyk, deputy Chief of Staff of President’s Secretariat Oleksandr Chalyy, other members of the Ukrainian delegation.

During the talks sides discussed Ukrainian-Canadian political relations, including Canada’s support of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and of the UN resolution on acknowledging Holodomor 1932-1933; liberalization of visa regulations, cooperation within the framework of Canadian troops presence in Afghanistan, etc.

Separately parties discussed prospects of establishing a free trade zone between the states. Additional aspect of economic cooperation touched upon was Ukraine’s interest in adopting CANDU type nuclear reactors technology.

President Victor Yushchenko meets Honourable Marjory LeBreton

President Victor Yushchenko met in Ottawa with the Honourable Marjory LeBreton, Leader of the Government in the Senate and Secretary of State.

At the meeting sides discussed inter-parliamentary cooperation between Ukraine and Canada, Ukrainian-Canadian partnership, acknowledgement by the House of Commons of Canada the Great Famine 1932-1933 in Ukraine genocide against Ukrainian nation (the Senate had already approved such a decision back on June 19, 2003), etc.

President Yushchenko expressed assurance to Honourable Marjory LeBreton that with his visit relations between Ukraine and Canada will be given a new momentum in a spirit of declared special partnership.

President presents awards to Canadian parliamentarians

President Victor Yushchenko presented national awards to two members of the Parliament of Canada.

Canadian Senator, lawyer, and former judge and diplomat Anita Raynell Andreychuk for her substantial contribution in development of Ukrainian-Canadian relations was awarded an Order of Yaroslav the Wise V grade. The same award Victor Yushchenko presented to  Canadian House of Commons deputy Borys Wrzesnewskyj, for his efforts in strengthening international image of Ukraine, promotion of historical and contemporary achievements of our country and active cooperation with Ukrainian community abroad.

“On behalf of Ukraine I express to You my deepest respect and gratitude for Your devoted efforts”, - said Victor Yushchenko at the awarding ceremony.  

Government adopts state program for popularizing national book industry until 2012

The Cabinet of Ministers has endorsed a state program for 2009-2012 for the popularization of Ukraine's book industry, Ukrainian Premier Yulia Tymoshenko said at a press conference, following a meeting of the Government.

"We have endorsed a state program for the popularization of national books, and during the next stage, we will resolve all of the necessary issues by means of respective bills," she said.

Tymoshenko said that the program would help create a favorable climate for the development of Ukrainian book industry. "We foresee the creation of a favorable organizational and economic climate for the development of book industry under favorable conditions," she said.


Government outlines directions for development of investment climate in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers, during a meeting on Wednesday, has listened to a report on actions and decisions aimed at creating a favorable investment climate in Ukraine, Premier Yulia Tymoshenko said at a press conference following a Government meeting.

"We have a project jointly developed with the European Business Association and we have outlined urgent directions for its implementation," she said.

Tymoshenko said that around 290 proposals had been made during the consideration of a business climate with domestic and foreign investors. "We will make all of the 290 proposals realized by means of Government resolutions and bills," she said.


Foreign Ministry denies threat to total Ukrainization of TV broadcasting

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry sees no grounds to speak about Ukrainization of broadcasting, head of the Foreign Ministry's press-service Vasyl Kyrylych said commenting statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry about Ukrainization of television in Ukraine.

Kyrylych refuted accusation of the Russian party that Ukraine tries to "remove" from the air the Russian-broadcasting companies and assured that Ukraine completely fulfills the European Charter on Regional and Minority Languages. According to him, the Council of Europe has no remarks regarding non-fulfillment of the Charter's obligations by Ukraine. "The Russian language, as the minority one, has broad opportunities for functioning in Ukraine, and this is fixed in Ukraine's national legislation," he stressed.

As reported, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed deep concern about the plans of Ukraine to stop retransmission of Russian TV channels via the cable TV system.


Railway fares further on rise

From June 1, 2008, tariffs on transportation of passengers by Ukraine's railway transport on home routes will grow by 5%, in keeping with the Transport and Communications Ministry order.

This involves both carriages with numbered reserved seats, and first class railcars. The tariffs were set at a limit level.

Since January 1, 2008, tariffs on transportation of passengers, luggage and freight by rail on domestic routes have grown by 8.7%. In 2007, those tariffs increased by 15% - 5% from March 1, May 1 and July 1 each.


Ukraine's Dnipropetrovsk, Canada's Manitoba sign mutual understanding memo

The Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration and the Government of Canada's Manitoba province have signed Wednesday a memorandum of mutual understanding.

On the part of Dnipropetrovsk, the document was signed by Governor Viktor Bondar, who is staying among the Ukrainian delegation in Canada within the framework of President Viktor Yushchenko's official visit.

The agreement on cooperation between the regions is based on strong bilateral ties, and envisages further development of mutually beneficial trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural relations, press and information department of the regional state administration reported. Dnipropetrovsk region and Manitoba will maintain contacts in the field of industry and agriculture, creating favorable conditions for investments.

Currently, Ukraine's limited liability company Agro-Soyuz production enterprise, LLC Agro-Soyuz company, JSC Agro-Soyuz of Dnipropetrovsk region are developing foreign trade with Manitoba. According to Dnipropetrovsk customs, last year regional enterprises purchased from Manitoba goods worth almost UAH 0.5 million.


Ukrainian peacekeepers may be sent to Abkhazia

UNDP Resident Representative and UN Resident Coordinator in Ukraine Francis M. O'Donnell did not rule out participation of Ukrainian peacekeepers in the UN Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG). The Georgian Government early called on to change the format of the peacekeeping operation in Abkhazia replacing Russian peacekeepers for representatives of other countries.

O'Donnell said that Ukrainian peacekeepers now strongly compete in various parts of Europe and world. "Ukraine now influences the political and economic situation in various world's countries. To a great extent, this is due to the level of confidence to the Ukrainian peacekeepers among local population of conflict areas, and it is extremely high," O'Donnell stressed.

He particularly noted a high authority of the Ukrainians among people of Kosovo's both ethnic groups and expressed regret regarding tragic death of a Ukrainian peacekeeper in Kosovo's Mitrovica who died March after severe wound.


EU lifts Ukrainian metal import quotas

Quotas on the import of Ukrainian metal products to the European Union member-countries are lifted from May 28.

Under expert estimates, abolition of restrictions will enable Ukrainian metallurgical companies to minimum double in the nearest future their supplies to the European Union. Yet, a sharp increase in imports is threatening with antidumping or special investigations, experts are warning.

The EU published Tuesday a decision on abolition of quotas on the import to EU countries of some kinds of steel products from Ukraine, due to its recent accession to the World Trade Organization.


European Commission lifts quotas on metal products delivery from Ukraine

The European Commission cancelled quotas on the metal products supplies from Ukraine, a statement of the Economics Ministry reads.

"Metal products quotas are cancelled in frames of the agreement between Ukraine and the EU on trade in steelmaking goods," the statement says.

The restriction was removed in view of Ukraine's WTO accession.

The Cabinet of Ministers set the export quota of metal products for 2008 to the EU countries to the extent of 1,353 million tons.

In December 2005, based on the agreement between Ukraine and the EU on export licensing of particular categories of metal products to the EU countries, the Cabinet set for 2006 the export quotas of 1,000.5 million tons.

Ukraine became WTO member on May 16, 2008.


EU/UN project on social development in rural areas launched in Rivne region

The EU/UN Community-oriented Local Development project launched in Rivne region (West Ukraine) enables to develop a social sphere of villages. Territorial communities of eight districts that won the right in the tender will implement the project.

Local authorities will be able to modernize feldsher-midwife stations, introduce energy efficient technologies, including through using heat sources, utilize wastes and pesticides, establish effective communal water-supply, and transport communication.

Each district is expected to implement five actions proposed, half of the budget of which (USD 50,000) is financed by international organizations, while the rest - local budgets and communities. The capability of the latter to become donors is one of the project's main conditions for receiving a grant. Rivne region is the pilot one in Ukraine. The project will be then spread on all the regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.


Target Program for 2008-2011 on informing public about Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration to include 79 national events - Director of Foreign Ministry's NATO Department Mykhailo Osnach

A Target Program for 2008-2011 on informing the public about Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration will include 79 national events, its fulfillment will improve attitude of the Ukrainians toward NATO. Mykhailo Osnach, Director of the Foreign Ministry's NATO Department told a round table "Elaboration of Methodology for Carrying out Surveys Using Experience of NATO Member States of Two Recent Waves of Enlargement".

"Today, it is difficult to move ahead without a national methodology for determining a public opinion", M. Osnach expressed such an opinion. "Subsequent work of state power bodies in Ukraine will depend on its objectiveness", the diplomat emphasized.

The official noted that presently Kyiv conscientiously carries out work on fulfillment of annual Target Plans Ukraine-NATO within the framework of an intensified dialogue between the parties. It testifies to serious Ukrainian intentions with regard to its Euro-Atlantic integration, the Director of the Foreign Ministry's NATO Department stated.

M. Osnach called a practice of a more active carrying out discussions at the regional level as positive. He stressed that recently discussions on this issue at different levels have a constructive character in many cases. According to the diplomat's convictions, professional sociological work on the spot should be an indicator of these positive changes.


Ukrainian, Slovakian Defense Ministers discuss military technical cooperation

Ukraine's Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov and his Slovakian counterpart Jaroslav Baska discussed in Uzhhorod (West Ukraine) military technical cooperation. The meeting took place in view of opening of the NATO Information Center within the Uzhhorod National University.

Yuriy Yekhanurov thanked Slovakia for support of Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration saying that Ukraine is interested in Slovakia's experience as the country has recently passed the way Ukraine is to pass.

"Our relations are developing and today's event demonstrates it. By the way, such actions are run in all over Ukraine. They have been already held in Odesa, Mykolayiv, today - in Uzhhorod and the next is Kyiv. The NATO Information Center opened in Uzhhorod with participation of the Slovakian Embassy in Ukraine will tell about the Alliance. NATO is not an aggressive bloc someone tries to persuade. This is a defensive structure which is involved in active anti-terrorism efforts," Yuriy Yekhanurov said.

He also informed of a gradual transfer of the Ukrainian army to the contract basis. "We need UAH 49.3 million for three years for that. We reduced a spring draft by 7,000 thousand of people, and we replace them by the contract-based service soldiers. By the way, 52,000 thousand of the contract-based soldiers today serve in the Ukrainian army. In 2008, the Air Force, Naval Force and signal troops will be fully staffed with the contract-based soldiers".


Ukraine, Moldova to create joint group of experts to assess effect of Novodnistrovska Hydroelectric Station on environment

Ukraine will present to Moldova documents on assessing the effect of the Novodnistrovska hydroelectric power station on the environment, Moldpress reported, citing the press service of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources.

A respective agreement was recently reached in Chisinau following Moldovan-Ukrainian consultations on the effect of the Giurgiulesti oil terminal and the Novodnistrovska hydroelectric power station on the environment.

The parties decided to create a joint team of experts to assess and forecast the influence of the Novodnistrovska hydroelectric power plant on the ecosystem of Dniester River. The parties also took a decision to ask the Secretariat of the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (Espoo Convention) to allocate financial aid to conduct a thorough expertise of the river's ecosystem.

A protocol on the results of the Moldovan-Ukrainian consultations on the issues of the possible effect of the Giurgiulesti oil terminal and the Novodnistrovska hydroelectric power station on the environment was signed after the talks.

The Moldovan delegation included Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Violeta Ivanova, Vice Justice Minister Nicolae Esanu and Vice Minister of Transport and Road Management Pavel Untura. The Ukrainian delegation was headed by Deputy Environmental Protection Minister Ivan Makarenko.


Ukrainian, Slovakian Foreign Ministers to sign local border movement agreement May 30

Ukrainian and Slovakian Foreign Ministers will sign May 30 a local border movement agreement between the two states in Bratislava, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Vasyl Kyrylych told a briefing.

He recalled that such agreements have been already signed with Hungary and Poland. The Ukraine-Hungary instrument is now effectual, while the agreement with Poland is to be ratified by the Polish Sejm. "I'm sure the local border movement agreement with Poland will be ratified till holiday season," he told reporters.


Ukraine-Troika EU meeting at level of justice ministers to take place in Kyiv on May 28

The next Ukraine-Troika EU meeting at the level of foreign ministers will be held in Kyiv on May 28, the press secretary of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Vasyl Kyrylych, said at a briefing in Tuesday. He said that the question of introducing a non-visa regime of travels by Ukrainian citizens to the European Union would be raised during the meeting.


Finance Ministry elects syndicate of three banks lead-manager for external public bond placement

Ukraine's Finance Ministry elected a manager (lead-manager) for issuance and placement of external public bond.

In frames of the tender on a lead-manager, the Finance Ministry got proposals from 17 international investment banks.

A syndicate of three banks - BNP Paribas, JP Morgan and Standardbank won the tender, the ministry press-service reported.


Polish Fund invites Ukrainian teachers and public organizations to participate in contest entitled "Let Us Learn Our Neighbors Better"

The Education for Democracy Foundation has invited Ukrainian and Polish teachers and representatives of public organizations to participate in a contest entitled "Let Us Learn Our Neighbors Better" about didactic lessons on the history, the present and future of both countries. The goal of this contest is to create and make new didactic materials about the realities of life of neighboring countries and their common history available for general use.

The foundation invites Ukrainian teaches to develop a lesson on Poland and their colleagues - on Ukraine. The representatives of both countries should draft the scenarios of lessons on cooperation between our countries or about historical events reflecting both nations' perception of each other.


Czech company ready to invest USD 1 Mln into construction of greenhouse gas utilization unit in Zaporizhzhia

City authorities of Zaporizhzhia (Southwest Ukraine) concluded a contract with Blackstone Global Ventures (Czech Republic) on installation of equipment for greenhouse gas utilization.

According to Director Andriy Kozak of the KomunSanTransEkolohia enterprise, the Czech company won a city project competition and a deputy commission with the Zaporizhzhia City Council approved the company's project. It is ready to invest USD 1 million to build a unit for methane and carbon dioxide utilization - garbage decomposition products at rubbish dumps of the regional center.

Director General of the Czech company Stanislav Kolar said the investments will be repaid. The company has a huge experience in greenhouse gas utilization, while this will be its first work with the Ukrainian clients and it expects very fruitful cooperation.

A. Kozak said the first stage of the project is scheduled to be put into service by January 1, 2009.


Slovak military delegation arrives in Ukraine

The Slovak military delegation headed by the Defense Minister has arrived in Uzhhorod (West Ukraine) to hold a border meeting at the level of Defense Ministers.

A meeting between Ukrainian Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov and Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Baska, as well as talks between the military delegations of both countries will be held there, according to the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The military officials will speak about the development of prospects for bilateral cooperation between the countries' defense ministries, and the issues of Ukraine's cooperation with NATO and the European Union.

Following the talks, Yekhanurov and Baska will give a joint press conference.

The Ministers will visit Uzhhorod National University and speak to participants in a conference entitled "Ukraine's joining the European Union via NATO at the example of the Slovak Republic."

Yekhanurov and Baska will also participate in a ceremony to open the NATO Information Center at Uzhhorod National University.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

President Yushchenko and Prime Minister Harper sign Joint Statement

President Victor Yushchenko and the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper signed a Joint Statement today, promoting development of ties between Ukraine and Canada.

President addresses Canadian Parliament

President Victor Yushchenko pronounced a speech before joint meeting of the Senate, and the House of Commons of the Parliament of Canada.

“We appreciate our friendship and we believe in it”, - said Victor Yushchenko in his address. “We are grateful for the support that Ukraine has always seen from Canada… We highly appreciate our present-day relations, which have their own unique feature – a feature of brotherhood,” – he stressed.

Then Victor Yushchenko dwelled on Ukraine’s internal political and economic situation, European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations of our country, etc.

Separately he expressed hope that Canadian Parliament would recognize Holodomor 1932-1933 genocide against Ukrainian nation.

President meets Prime Minister of Canada

President Victor Yushchenko met in Ottawa with the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper.

At the meeting sides discussed Ukrainian-Canadian partnership development, energy cooperation, cultural and humanitarian ties, etc.

President Yushchenko thanked to Prime Minister Harper and to the Government of Canada for the contribution into development of Ukrainian-Canadian ties of partnership. He also invited Mr. Harper to visit Ukraine expressing assurance that the visit will give new dynamics to the Ukrainian-Canadian political dialogue.

When speaking humanitarian cooperation President expressed expectancies that Canadian authorities would further on support Ukrainian community of Canada. He also raised a question of recognition of Holodomor 1932-1933 genocide by Canada.

Other participants of the meeting from the Ukrainian side were Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko and President’s Secretariat deputy Chief of Staff Oleksandr Chalyy.

President arrives in Ottawa

President Victor Yushchenko together with hid wife Kateryna Yushchenko arrived in Ottawa, Canada. There President and his wife were welcomed by the Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean.

The orchestra preformed anthems of the two states, then the officials heard 21 round salute. After welcoming ceremony introduction of the delegations took place.

In his address at the ceremony President Yushchenko praised high level of bilateral relations between Ukraine and Canada adding that Ukraine will always be grateful to Canada for being the first country to recognize its independence. He also thanked Canadians for rendering regular support to Ukraine on international scene.

Speaking about aims of his present visit Victor Yushchenko said: “Main goal of my visit is to give new momentum to our partnership, to broaden horizon of our cooperation, to strengthen and multiply contacts between business groups, regions, communities, and individual citizens of the two great states.”

From her part, Governor General pointed to significance of contribution of the Ukrainian community of Canada on all directions of activity. She also expressed happiness about the achievements of Ukraine on its path towards democracy.

Egypt proposes to study possibility of setting up joint ventures to produce tractors, refrigerators and fishing-boats

Egypt proposed to Ukraine to study a possibility of setting up joint ventures to produce tractors, refrigerators and fishing-boats of small displacement, the Industrial Policy Ministry press service informed with reference to results of a meeting of the bipartite Intergovernmental Commission.

On its part, Ukraine proposed to Egypt to consider a possibility of importing its chemical products, such as ammonia, soda, man-made fiber, fertilizers, as well as using services on design, construction and exploitation of chemical enterprises.

The Ukrainian party of the commission was headed by Industrial Policy Minister Volodymyr Novytskyi, the Egyptian party - by Egyptian Minister for International Cooperation Fayza Aboulnaga.


Monday, May 26, 2008

President condoles with relatives of car crash victims

President Victor Yushchenko offered his condolences to families and relatives of those who were killed or injured in a car crash on the 121st kilometer of the Kyiv-Kovel highway, which occurred on May 24.

President visits Canada

Victor Yushchenko together with his wife Kateryna Yushchenko went with a three
day State visit to Canada.

Members of
the Ukrainian delegation are: Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko, Minister for
Health Vasyl Knyazevych, Minister for Culture Vasyl Vovkun, Minister of
Agrarian Policy Yuriy Melnyk, deputy Presidential Secretariat Chief of Stuff
Oleksandr Chalyy, deputy Minister for Economy Natalya Boytsun, deputy Minister
for Fuel and Energy Yuriy Nedashkovsky, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Administration
Head Victor Bondar, State Deputy Petro Yushchenko, Head of National Agency for Preparation
to Euro 2012 Yevhen Chervonenko, other officials.

President votes in election of Kyiv Mayor

President Victor Yushchenko together with his wife Kateryna Yushchenko came
to the polling place located in Trade Unions House to vote in elections
of Kyiv Mayor and Deputies of Kyiv City Council.

President Yushchenko meets Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone

President Victor Yushchenko met with Cardinal Secretary of
State Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone.

During the meeting sides discussed deepening ties between Ukraine
and State of the Vatican City, state-church cooperation and a dialogue between
confessions in Ukraine.

President Yushchenko conveyed his invitation to Pope
Benedict XVI to visit Ukraine. He also presented an Order of Yaroslav the Wise
to Mr. Tarcisio Bertone for his contribution into promotion of peace humanism
and fairness.

Other participants from the meeting were Metropolitan of
Roman Catholic Church Cardinal Maryan Yavorsky, Apostolic Nuncio for Ukraine Archbishop
Ivan Yurkovych and Coadjutor Archbishop of Lviv Mieczysław

President takes part in bringing order to Mystetsky Arsenal territory

Victor Yushchenko took part in regular civil action of bringing
order to Mystetsky Arsenal territory.

with Victor Yushchenko State
Affairs Department head Ihor Tarasyuk, Kyiv institutes students,
took part in the event. President Yushchenko also brought
his youngest son Taras with him.

Ukraine to get USD 140 million from World Bank for municipal infrastructure development

Ukraine will receive from the World Bank USD 140 million for the development of cities' infrastructure, says WB department head Dmytro Kryshenko.

He noted that the finance would be provided for projects on reconstruction of water supply and sewage facilities, as well as solid house waste treatment. USD 60 million of the sum declared has already been spent on the efforts in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Odesa.

The loans are provided for maximum 30 years, the average term for Ukraine being 17 years with five-year grace periods, when only interest is paid, without capital repayment, the department head said adding that interest rates are relatively not high.


Ukraine Ambassador hands in credentials to Guinea President

Ukraine's Ambassador to Guinea Andriy Zayats handed in his letters of credence to that country's president, Lansana Conte, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry press service reported.

During the ceremony, the Ukrainian diplomat said Ukraine "is willing to boost relations with Guinea, and fill them with specific content that would correspond to the good traditions of more than half a century of cooperation".

The President of Guinea agreed with the Ambassador's proposal to speed up the signing of a number of vital bilateral documents, and took with gratitude information about Ukrainian government having appointed 20 grants for Guinean students.


Ambassador to US reports on Ukraine's foreign policy priorities

Ukraine's Ambassador to the US Oleh Shamshur delivered a report on the priorities of Ukraine's external policy at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs - one of the leading Jewish analytical centers of Washington, the Ukrainian foreign ministry press service reported.

The ambassador informed about the purposes Ukraine pursues in the international scene, placing a special accent on a strategic significance of integration into the European Union and NATO.

Particularly, he confirmed Ukraine's striving to join the NATO Membership Action Plan in the nearest future, calling it a politically justified move and recognition of considerable experience of Ukraine's participation in the Alliance-supervised operations. He thanked the US for its consistent support of principle for Ukraine's Euroatlantic integration. During a discussion following his speech, the ambassador spoke in detail about Ukraine's position on Mideast settlement and fight with anti-Semitism.


Ukrainian, Serbian military delegations discuss cooperation between Defense Ministries

The Ukrainian and Serbian military delegations have discussed promising directions for the development of bilateral cooperation between the defense ministries of two countries during a meeting in Kyiv on Saturday. The meeting took place as part of a visit by Secretary of State of the Serbian Ministry of Defense Dusan Spasojevic to Ukraine.

The press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry told that the parties had also considered the ways of developing military and technical cooperation between the countries, particularly in repairing and modernizing military equipment.

Particular attention was paid to the issues of regional security, including the situation in the Balkans and Kosovo as part of Ukrainian peacekeepers from the Ukrainian-Polish battalion UkrPolBat fulfilling their tasks in KFOR. Spasojevic thanked Ukraine and the leadership of the Defense Ministry for the significant contribution of Ukrainian soldiers to maintaining peace in Kosovo.

Representatives of the Serbian delegation also expressed interest in studying Ukraine's peacekeeping experience. In this connection, the sides spoke about the training of Serbian troops in Ukraine according to the programs on international peacekeeping activities, in particular, at the center for training officers for multinational headquarters of the National Defense Academy of Ukraine.

Moreover, both delegations also shared experience in transformation processes that are currently being held in the armies of the two countries, as well as integration with Euro-Atlantic and European structures.


EBRD extends EUR 160 million for Kyiv - Chop highway repair

With the purpose of effective preparations for the 2012 European football finals, and implementation of the state program for the development of general-use motor roads in 2007 - 2011, reconstruction of the Kyiv - Chop highway sector will start in Zhytomyr region this month.

Volodymyr Zahryvyi, first deputy governor of Zhytomyr, disclosed this during a meeting on capital repair of the regional sector of the highway.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development provides about EUR 160 million (approximately UAH 1.200 billion) to these ends. The effort will proceed from the border with Rivne region (Korets) to the village of Hlybochytsia in Zhytomyr district, on a sector of the 128th - 260th kilometer. The work must be finished in 30 calendar months.

During the reconstruction, it is planned to build two transport units (in Ivanivka and Hlybochytsia, Zhytomyr district), 14 rest stations, and other service facilities to be financed both with credits and investments.

Note: In keeping with the results of the international tenders invited by UkrAvtoDor for implementation of the third project for the Kyiv-Chop highway repair under the Ukraine - EBRD credit agreement, performers of the local repairs are OJSC YugZapadDorStroy (Vinnytsia, Ukraine), Granit AD - Skopje (Macedonia), and Gulsan Construction Industry Tourism, Transportation and Trade Co. Ins. (Turkey).

Supervision over the construction effort will be provided, in line with demands of the FIDIC International Federation of Consulting Engineers by an open international tender winners, Egis Bceom International (France) and British HYDER Consulting Limited.


Foreign Ministers of Ukraine, Afghanistan discuss bilateral relations

Talks between delegations led by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko and Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Rangin Dadfar Spanta took place at the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine within the framework of the Afghan minister's official visit to Ukraine.

In the course of the talks, the parties examined the current situation in relations between Ukraine and Afghanistan, and perspectives for the development of bilateral cooperation, the MFA told.

The parties spoke out for further intensification of political dialogue, and pointed out the importance of the official visit to Ukraine by Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai in 2008.

They also touched on practical aspects of Ukraine's participation in restoration of Afghan economy, including reconstruction and construction of bridges, roads, irrigation and water supply systems, hydroelectric power plants, and geological prospecting efforts.

Special attention was paid to extension of cooperation in humanitarian and educational areas.

Following the talks, Ohryzko and Spanta signed a memorandum of mutual understanding and cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine and the Diplomacy Institute to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Afghanistan.


Haiduk leads Government delegation for Vanco talks

Vitaliy Haiduk, head of the group of Prime Minister's advisers, will lead the national Government workgroup for talks with company Vanco, Deputy Prime Minister Hryhoriy Nemyria told.

As reported, the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers unilaterally dissolved by its May 21 resolution the agreement on joint distribution of products with US company Vanco, which was signed in 2007 on development of the Kerch section on the Black Sea shelf.

One of the items in the Government resolution envisages talks with Vanco to avoid possible legal proceedings at international instances.


EC will not stop Ukraine sunflower oil import

The European Commission planned to examine the question of Ukrainian sunflower oil import on Friday afternoon. But it was long clear that certain measures would be envisaged to strengthen control over the quality of this product, EC representative Nina Papadoulaki told a news briefing in Brussels.

Particularly, she says, additional measures of control over the import of sunflower oil from Ukraine will include introduction of obligatory quality certificates on each batch of imported oil.

Yet, the source declined from directly answering an UKRINFORM question on whether the EC considers as reliable the sources of information about a pollution of the sunflower oil.

The EC spokeswoman also refused to comment possible proceedings into unfair competition in the European market. She just said a certain content of mineral components in sunflower oil might have been caused by some natural reasons.


Kyiv's Energy Summit triggers creation of new Euro-Asian oil transport corridor

The 3rd Energy Security Summit ended in Kyiv with signing of three significant documents.

The summit participants, namely the presidents of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia signed a Kyiv Declaration on Principles of Global Energy Security; a Joint Declaration about Caspian-Black Sea-Baltic Energy Transit Space.

Apart from this, the presidents of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine signed a Joint Declaration on the Project of Euro-Asian Oil Transport Corridor.

According to President Viktor Yushchenko, the Kyiv summit triggered a regional dialogue to create a single Caspian-Black Sea-Baltic Energy Transit Space, which is "a howling success".

V. Yushchenko said the heads of states passed a decision to set up a working group which is to formulate guidelines of the space creation. The group will present a first report at a regular energy summit in November.

"Tremendous projects are being implemented in the region and a great future is waiting for all of us," Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili stressed. However, he did not rule out, Russia with its actions as regards Georgia may hamper the idea of the energy transit corridor creation, alternative to the exiting ones it controls by itself.

According to Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus, the 3rd Energy Security Summit will go down in history as one of the most important events of the 21st century. "We are on the right track, on the right direction," he noted.

Having emphasized that Azerbaijan has already solved its energy problems, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that today the country may support its friends in oil transport.

He believes that the Kyiv summit gathered together countries involved in oil production, as well as energy resources transit and consumer countries. "This is a very good example of that all these components of the energy policy gathered together and address issues in the spirit of cooperation".


Ukraine extends USD 1.35 million of aid to Afghanistan

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has earmarked UAH 6.566 million (UAH 4.85 / USD 1) for humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, a Government resolution of May 21, 2008 says.

The Finance Ministry must get this sum from the national budget's reserve fund, and the Emergencies Ministry must coordinate with the Finance and Economy Ministries the list of spending involved in the humanitarian move.

The Cabinet ordered the Emergencies Ministry to guarantee observance of the procedure for purchase, transportation and delivery of the humanitarian cargo, and agree, with the Foreign Ministry's assistance, the procedure with the Afghan bodies in charge.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kyiv Mayor election

On May 25, at 10.30 President Victor Yushchenko will visit a polling place located in Trade Unions House to vote in elections of Kyiv Mayor and Deputies of Kyiv City Council.

Victor Yushchenko meets Lech Kaczynski, Valdas Adamkus

President Victor Yushchenko
held a trilateral meeting with President of Poland Lech Kaczynski and President
of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus.

At the meeting sides
discussed a format for trilateral regional cooperation in economic and
humanitarian fields.

President: I am assured that Kyiv Summit will go down in our history

At his press availability
following Kyiv Energy Security Summit, President Victor Yushchenko said: “I am
assured that Kyiv Summit will go down in our history. Its key importance is in
the fact that today we have started a formal dialogue on creation of secure
transit space”.

He also praised Kyiv
Declaration, signed at the Summit saying that “…
it is a huge success of our Summit”,
emphasizing also that the document has been signed by all the participating
Presidents with no exception.

Greeting everyone with
successful completion of the Summit President Yushchenko said: “I would like to
wish every country and nation success, welfare in their development, and
effective energy policy, both internal and collective, which would bring stability,
predictability, and welfare to to our states, families, enterprises, and


President forwards draft law on UN Children Rights Convention implementation to the VR

Victor Yushchenko forwarded to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law “On State program
“National action plan of implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of
the Child” for period until 2016”.

marked the draft law as urgent and asked for its extraordinary consideration.

President grieves for killed coal miners

President Victor Yushchenko offered his
condolences to families and relatives of coal miners who were killed and
injured in today’s explosion at Krasnolymanska mine, Donetsk region.

Participants of Kyiv Energy Summit sign multilateral documents

At the end of Kyiv Energy Security Summit the participants of the event signed a number of multilateral documents. Among them:

  • Kyiv Declaration on Principles of Global Energy Security

  • Joint Statement on the Caspian-Black Sea-Baltic Energy Transit Space

  • Joint Statement Regarding the Euro-Asian Oil Transportation Corridor

President addresses participants of Energy Summit

In his
address at the plenary meeting of Kyiv Energy Security Summit, President Victor
Yushchenko encouraged all the participants to unite efforts and political on
the top level to harmonize approach towards energy resources transit policy and
to stir up mutually beneficial projects. “We aim at transparent clear-cut, fair
and mutually beneficial relations in energy field among all the partners”, - he

Speaking of
the promising projects themselves President reminded that at the Energy Forum,
held on May 21, the results of research on economic and technical efficiency of
“Odesa-Brody-Gdansk-Plock” has been presented as well as marketing analysis of
building a high-tech oil refinery to work with Caspian oil.

“Both projects I have
mentioned, and their technical potential promise profits and have a great
perspective”, - he said, adding that their implementation is an important step
towards diversification of sources and transit routes of energy resources
transport to Europe. “Ukraine
invites all the partners to implementation of the initiatives”, - also said
Victor Yushchenko.


President welcomes Energy Summit guests

In front of
the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine President Victor Yushchenko
welcomed guests of Energy Security Summit: President of the Republic of
Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili,
President of the Republic of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of the
Republic of Latvia Valdis Zatlers, President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas
Adamkus and President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczynski.

guests at the Summit are European Commissioner for Energy Andris Piebalgs, Vice
President of the Republic of Bulgaria Angel Marin, Vice-Minister of Energy and
Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan Lyazzat Kiinov, Minister of
Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic Ján Kubiš, Ambassador of the USA to the
European Union and Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy Clayland Boyden Gray,
other officials.

Presidents of Ukraine, Azerbaijan take part in Official Dinner

President Victor
Yushchenko and his Azerbaijani colleague took part in an Official Dinner for President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

In his
toast President Yushchenko stressed that relations between Ukraine and Azerbaijan has reached a new level.
“For Ukrainian side it is historic that our states have reached a strategic
status of their relations. It means that the
values we had sketched together are not only of today. They are our plan for
the future”, - said Victor Yushchenko.

Aliyev from his part emphasized that Ukraine
and Azerbaijan
have been partners from the moment when they gained independence. “It will be so
further. In the document we have signed today the format of our relations is
clearly stated: friendship and strategic cooperation”, - he said.

Presidents of Ukraine, Azerbaijan speak for press

Ukrainian-Azerbaijani talks, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev held joint press availability.

In his
speech President Yushchenko informed that during the talks sides discussed
transit of Caspian oil through Odesa-Brody pipeline. According to him, preliminary
conclusions of a working group on technical parameters, such as calculations of
possible oil volumes, would be presented in the first part of July.

Aliyev from his part stressed that his country has always supported the idea of
exports diversification and expressed appreciation of the fact that the
discussion of the question has entered a new, more specific stage. “We have
political support from all countries, taking part in the project. It remained
for us to coordinate economic and technical details, to test it on practice and
to examine the results”.

Ukraine, Azerbaijan sign bilateral documents

Within the
framework of the official visit of President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev to Ukraine sides
signed a number of bilateral documents.

of Ukraine and Azerbaijan signed the Declaration on Friendship
and Strategic Partnership between Ukraine
and Azerbaijan and a
document establishing the Council of the Presidents of Ukraine and the Republic of Azerbaijan together with the Charter for
the Council.

intergovernmental agreements included:

  • The Agreement between the
    Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on cooperation in
    information technologies.

  • The Agreement between the
    Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on cooperation in state
    service development.

  • The Program of Cooperation in
    youth policy and sports between Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and
    Sport and Ministry of Azerbaijan for Youth and Sport for 2008-2009.

  • The Protocol on cooperation
    between Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine and Ministry of Culture
    and Tourism of Azerbaijan for 2008-2012.

  • The Memorandum on mutual
    understanding between Ukrainian Securities and Stock Market State
    Commission and State Committee for Securities under auspices of the
    President of Azerbaijan.

Ukrainian-Azerbaijani talks begin

Victor Yushchenko and President Ilham Aliyev chaired Ukrainian-Azerbaijani

Opening the
talks President Yushchenko noted that Ukraine appreciates cordial
relations between the states on all levels: political, intergovernmental, public.
He also stressed positive dynamic of cooperation between business groups of
both countries, reminding that commodity circulation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan last year has raised by

Then sides
discussed topical questions of bilateral relations development including bilateral
projects in oil refining, aviation, energy field, etc.

Victor Yushchenko and Ilham Aliyev exchange state awards

For his
personal contribution into development of Ukrainian-Azerbaijani relations
President Victor Yushchenko presented President Ilham Aliyev with an Order of
Yaroslav the Wise.

From his
part, President Aliyev awarded President Yushchenko with an order of Heydar

President Yushchenko meets President Aliyev tete-a-tete

their tête-à-tête meeting President Victor Yushchenko and President Ilham Aliyev
discussed energy, military, humanitarian cooperation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Also much attention the
two leaders dedicated to Kyiv Energy Summit.

President Yushchenko welcomes President Aliyev in Ukraine

President Victor Yushchenko welcomed President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in Ukraine, who came to Ukraine with a three-day official visit. The ceremony took place in front of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine.

After it reciprocal introduction of the delegations took place. Ukraine is represented by Minister for Youth and Family Yuriy Pavlenko, Minister for Culture Vasyl Vovkun, Transport Minister Yosyp Vinsky, Minister of Economics Bohdan Danylyshyn, Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan, deputy Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Yeliseev, deputy Secretariat Chief of Staff Oleksandr Chalyy, NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine head Oleh Dubyna, other officials.

Following the introduction ceremony, President Yushchenko and President Aliyev went in for tête-à-tête meeting in Horodetsky House.

President takes part in Kyiv Energy Forum

Victor Yushchenko took part in opening of Kyiv International Energy Forum

those present, President Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine considers its gas and oil
transport systems integral the parts of European energy policy. He reminded
that Ukraine
has suggested to the EU forming common energy policy, including reconstruction
of our gas transport system. In autumn the European Commission is expected to
hold a first discussion on granting 2.5 billion dollars for the reconstruction.
“We proceed from the assurance that such plans, including forming our common
principles and fundamentals for ensuring security of the process, enhances energy security by
country and within the EU as a whole”, - he said.

Among other
important energy projects President named completing Odesa-Brody pipeline
construction, building a high-tech oil refinery in Ukraine
to process Caspian oil, Ukraine’s
own oil and gas deposits exploration.

Of no less
importance for increasing energy security in Europe
according to Victor Yushchenko is establishment of Baltic-Black Sea-Caspian Energy
Transit Community. “Main goal of this ambitious political-economic project is increasing
reliability and transparency of energy resources supplying to Europe”,
- said Victor Yushchenko.

President condoles with Anatoliy Ponomarenko's relatives

Victor Yushchenko offered his condolences to family and relatives of Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Sweden
Mr. Anatoliy Ponomarenko, on the occurrence of his untimely death.

Victor Yushchenko congratulates Arseniy Yatsenyuk

flowers laying ceremony near the monument to Taras Shevchenko President Victor
Yushchenko came to Verkhovna Rada to congratulate the Speaker of the Ukrainian
Parliament Arseniy Yatsenyuk on his birthday.

President puts flower near Taras Shevchenko monument

On the
occasion of the 147th anniversary of reburial of Taras Shevchenko’s
ashes in Ukraine
President Victor Yushchenko put wreath near the monument to great Ukrainian
poet in Kyiv.

participants of the ceremony were Verkhovna Rada Speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Kyiv
Regional Administration Head Vira Ulyanchenko, Vice Prime Minister Ivan
Vasyunyk, representatives from public organizations, artists, and public

Foreign Ministry sees parliamentary elections in Georgia democratic

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry notes an appropriate holding of the parliamentary elections in Georgia on May 21, 2008, which realized the people's will, a statement of Foreign Ministry's spokesman Vasyl Kyrylych reads.

Ukraine welcomes efforts taken by the Georgian authority and political forces intended to ensure holding of the elections in full respect with international standards. The country created conditions for free declaration of will, while the elections were held in a competitive struggle. By estimates of international experts, including the Ukrainian ones, the elections ran in quite atmosphere, while their returns reflect a real level of confidence to the national political forces in general. Georgia has achieved a considerable progress in developing democratic institutions, improving election law and organizing the voting process, the statement says.


Serbian military delegation arrives in Ukraine

The Serbian military delegation headed by State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Dusan Spasojevic has arrived in Ukraine, according to the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The main goal of the visit is holding bilateral military and political consultations between the defense ministries of both countries.

During the talks, the parties are planning to discuss the issues of regional security, in particular, the situation in the Balkans and Kosovo as part of Ukrainian peacekeepers from the Ukrainian-Polish battalion UkrPolBat fulfilling their tasks in KFOR.


Government to set procedure for stay of foreign servicemen in Ukraine

The proposals on setting the procedure for the stay of foreign servicemen in Ukraine are currently being considered. They will also concern Crimea and Sevastopol, Ukrainian Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov said following an extended meeting of the ministry's collegium.

Yekhanurov said that the Cabinet of Ministers is drafting respective resolutions that will set conditions for the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.

The minister expressed hope that all of the previous agreements reached with the fleet and the Russian Defense Ministry would be executed, and the Russian side would have no grounds to speak "about the unclear position of Ukraine."

"Ukraine's position will be clear and understandable after the government's endorsement of resolutions. I would like us to speak longer on the language of documents, so that specialists and lawyers work more, whereas people with increased emotionality express their views less often," Yekhanurov said.

He stressed that Ukraine is not considering the issue of quicker withdrawal of the Russian Black Sea Fleet from Crimea. "There is a date, there are respective state agreements that should be observed," Yekhanurov said, adding that on May 29, Russia will have nine years to withdraw its fleet from Ukraine.

Asked on the recent incident with a torpedo found in Crimea late in April, he confirmed that it was a training rocket, whereas the incident itself was not an "emergency."


Ukrhazvydobuvannia will draw investors to develop 4 gas deposits

Ukrhazvydobuvannia is planning to draw investors in the development of four natural gas deposits in 2008, the company's first deputy board chairman Borys Syniuk told the International Energy Summit in Kyiv.

He said he implied development of Kobzevske deposit, where it is planned to drill a test hole of 6,300 meters.

The company is also planning to develop Kamyshnianske deposit in Kirovohrad region, where it is planned to drill two wells of 5,660 and 6,130 meters for further prospecting of natural gas and gas condensate reserves.

Ukrhazvydobuvannia is planning to draw investors from Berezivske deposit in Kharkiv region to drill 6,250-meter-deep Test Well #205, and to prospect Vorobievsko-Vidradnenske deposit in Poltava region with an expected resource of 21.7 billion cubic meters of gas.


Scientists from US, Austria, Poland come to international conference on light technology in Ternopil

Experts from the US, Austria and Poland are taking part in the 3rd international scientific conference on lighting and electric technologies (history, problems, perspectives), which opened in Ternopil.

The conference was called by Ternopil's Ivan Puliuy State Technical University. Its rector, Petro Yasnyi told that the delegates to the conference would discuss both historic aspects of light and electricity engineering, and computer methods in those branches.

The conference will also focus on energy saving technologies, environmental aspects of contemporary lighting and electric engineering.


Deputy Foreign Minister Kostenko, Romanian Ambassador Traian Hristea discuss minorities rights in two countries

Acting Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Kostenko met Romanian Ambassador to Ukraine Traian Hristea. The parties discussed a progress in the first part of the third stage of Ukraine-Romania monitoring of Romanians' rights living in Ukraine and that of the Ukrainians residing in Romania.

The meeting participants stressed on the importance of the monitoring for the two countries and noted significance of a constructive approach in its practical implementation.


Ukraine repeatedly elected to Human Rights Council of UN General Assembly

Ukraine was repeatedly elected to the Human Rights Council of the UN General Assembly. At the elections of 15 new members of the Council, Ukraine competed with Slovakia and Serbia for two places from East European states.

There are 47 member states in the Human Rights Council. Each Council member is elected by the majority of votes of the UN General Assembly members through a procedure of direct secret voting.


Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Slovenian President discuss cooperation

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko and Slovenian President Danilo Turk have discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation between the countries, according to the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

The officials also spoke about preparations for Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko's official visit to Slovenia early in June 2008.

Ohryzko stressed the importance of stepping up a political dialogue between the two states, and the significance of Ukraine's economic potential that could have been used by Slovenia.

Ohryzko thanked Turk for his country's gradual support for Ukraine's intentions to join the European Union and NATO.


Ukraine, Moldova lawmakers start working closer

Lawmakers from Moldova and Ukraine intensified their cooperation. Particularly, now they pay more attention to the work of the European Union's Ukraine - Moldova border assistance mission, development of bilateral economic relations in the light of Ukraine's accession to the World Trade Organization, and EU benefits to Moldova.

Grigory Petrenko, chair of the foreign policy and European integration commission at the Moldovan parliament, said this on Wednesday, following his consultations with Oleh Bilorus, head of the foreign affairs committee at the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine, the News Moldova information agency reported.

Bilorus says it is necessary to deepen economic ties between Ukraine and Moldova. In his words, now there is a real chance to settle questions over the supply of Ukrainian electricity to Moldova in the coming three or four years, and embark on the burning environmental problems of the Dniester river.

During the summit in Chisinau, the parties signed an agreement on cooperation of the two countries' parliamentary committee in charge.


Land cadastre to be fully developed in Ukraine by 2009

A state land cadastre and an automated system of its implementation will be fully developed in Ukraine by the end of 2008, State Material Reserve Committee Head Volodymyr Voyevodin said.

According to him, 60% of orthophoto maps have been drawn up and ten million documents on the sale and purchase of land have been registered.

Voyevodin said that talks had been held with the World Bank, during which it was agreed that the bank would provide a USD 36 million loan to Ukraine for the creation of a state land cadastre and the purchase of computer equipment.

A total of UAH 60 million was allocated from the Ukrainian national budget for implementing a land reform in 2008. The significant amount of these funds, according to Voyevodin, will be spent on the creation of the cadastre.


Slovakia, Ukraine to sign agreement on local border traffic

Slovakia and Ukraine will sign an agreement on local border traffic. The Slovakian government approved a respective bill during its meeting on May 21. The document is to be signed in Bratislava on May 23.

The document foresees conditions for crossing the Ukrainian-Slovakian border, the maximum radius of the border area, in which locals could stay, as well as crossing points of the state border. The agreement also foresees that citizens could stay only for 30 days within a 50-kilometer radius from the border, and for no more than 90 days in six months if they cross the border many times. A permit for crossing the border may be valid from one to five years and will cost EUR 20.

The bill approved by the Slovakian government will be agreed with a Commission of the European Union until it is considered by the Slovakian parliament.

UKRINFORM earlier reported that Slovakia and Ukraine had initialed a draft agreement on local border traffic in Bratislava on December 20, 2007. The internal procedures that are necessary for signing the document are currently being conducted in both countries. According to earlier reports by the Slovakian Foreign Ministry, an agreement on local border traffic may come into force in the autumn of 2008.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flower laying ceremony

On May 22,
at 9.00 President Victor Yushchenko will take part in flower laying ceremony
near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv on the occasion of 147th
anniversary of poet’s remains re-burial.

President Yushchenko phones Metropolitan Volodymyr

President Victor Yushchenko
held phone conversation with the Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow
Patriarchate), Metropolitan Volodymyr.

Discussing with
Metropolitan Volodymyr preparation to celebrating of the 1020th anniversary of
Christianization of Rus
President Yushchenko stressed that this is a holiday not only of our spirituality,
but also of our statehood.

President meets Ukraine's delegates to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

President Victor Yushchenko held a
meeting with representatives of Ukraine to the Congress of Local
and Regional Authorities within the Council of Europe.

In his address President stressed
that bringing closer European perspectives of Ukraine
depends greatly on the work of the delegates in the Congress as reaching
European standards of local self government is one of the key conditions for Ukraine’s European

Also, according to President
Yushchenko, reforming local self government is topical and here it is important
to use experience of our European partners. “It is of great importance to bring
work of local self government closer to European countries’ practice. We
urgently need to enrich our activity with experience of our colleagues from the
European Union”, - he said.

President Yushchenko meets Metropolitan Mefodiy

President Victor Yushchenko
met today with Head of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church,
Metropolitan Mefodiy.

At the meeting sides discussed
preparation to celebrating 1020th anniversary of Christianization of
Rus. President expressed assurance to Metropolitan Mefodiy that celebration
would favor further acceptance of Christian values in Ukrainian society.

President meets Patriarch Filaret

President Victor Yushchenko
met today with His Holiness, the Patriarch of Kiev and All Rus’ -
Ukraine Filaret to discuss oncoming
celebration of 1020th anniversary of Christianization of Rus.

At the meeting President
Yushchenko expressed expectancies to Patriarch Filaret that the celebration
would be aimed at consolidation of Ukrainian society, as well as bring closer
together the branches of Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

Meeting with Ukraine's delegates to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities

On May 21,
at 12.30 President Victor Yushchenko will meet with representatives of Ukraine
to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities within the Council of Europe.

Meeting with Meropolitan Mefodiy

On May 21,
at 11.30 President Victor Yushchenko will meet Head of the Ukrainian
Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Mefodiy.

Meeting with Patriarch Filaret

On May 21,
at 11.00 President Victor Yushchenko will hold a meeting with His
Holiness, the Patriarch of Kiev and All Rus’ - Ukraine Filaret

European Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner to attend EU-Troika-Ukraine meeting in Ljubljana

European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner will partake in the EU-troika-Ukraine Foreign Ministerial to be held May 22 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, currently holding the EU Council Chairmanship.

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko will arrive in Ljubljana to discuss with his European counterparts a whole spectrum of bilateral relations between Ukraine and the European Union.

The meeting participants will focus on the internal situation in Ukraine, as well as bilateral cooperation in the area of foreign policy and security policy. Apart from this, they will dwell on "a considerable progress" within the current negotiations on concluding a new enhanced bilateral agreement.

According to the EC press office, the European Commissioner means to use the meeting in Ljubljana to emphasize that the European Union keeps on backing Ukraine and stresses on the need to preserve its internal political stability. Such stability is an important factor for continuation of vital political and economic reforms in the country.

"I'm delighted with the considerable progress within the current talks on the new agreement. This agreement will be ambitious and innovative, it will reflect a great importance we put on such partnership. After Ukraine's WTO accession, we work hard on the aspects of the instrument which are related to creation of a free trade zone, and this is a crucial step towards Ukraine's full integration with European economics," Benita Ferrero-Waldner stressed.

She also said that a political stability is needed to succeed in the work and carry on reforms in Ukraine. To achieve the stability, a "key progress" in the constitutional reform is required which would ensure an adequate level of checks and balances.

As UKRINFORM early reported, Ukraine and the European Union launched talks to conclude a new enhanced agreement in March 2007. The 8th round of the negotiations is to be held in Kyiv June 2-4.


US Ambassador urging Ukraine Government to revise decision on breaking contract with Vanco

US Ambassador to Ukraine William Tailor was greatly disappointed by the Cabinet of Ministers' move to break the production distribution contract with US company Vanco, reads the ambassador's statement.

Tailor voiced hope that a direct talk between the two parties could remove the misunderstanding, on which the conflict was based.

As reported, the Ukrainian Cabinet unilaterally dissolved the agreement on distribution of products with US company Vanco, which was signed in 2007 on the development of the Kerch section in the Black Sea shelf.

On May 12, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko announced withdrawal of the special permit for the use of the Black Sea continental shelf resources from Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd. She says Vanco violated the production sharing law, in keeping with which the state has the right to 30% of the output. Meanwhile, "this time the state would have just 10%, and Vanco all the rest," the Prime Minister said.

Vanco Prykerchenska Ltd. is registered on British Virgin Islands. Its statutory capital is USD 12,000, Tymoshenko said adding the company formally belongs to four students, girls born in 1975 - 1983.


Finance Minister points to slowed inflation pace

Ukrainian Finance Minister Viktor Pynzenyk pointed out a slower pace of inflation in this country from the beginning of May.

Having called the current tendency as very good, the minister voiced hope that the fourth part of May will not worsen the situation.

According to the State Statistics Committee, inflation made 3.1 percent in April, and 13.1 percent in January - April 2008.

In April 2008, inflation grew by 30.2 percent against April 2007.

While elaborating State Budget 2008, the Cabinet put inflation at 9.6 percent.


Meat deficit in domestic market may be satisfied with its deliveries on "clear import" - Agrarian Minister

A meat deficit in domestic market of some 200 thousand tons may be satisfied with its deliveries on "clear" import with payment of VAT and duties without providing preferences to the State Committee on Public Material Reserve. The opinion to this effect was expressed by Agrarian Policy Minister Yuriy Melnyk.

The ministry has no objection to the purchase of import meat by the State Committee on Public Material Reserve, but based on the market price, Y. Melnyk noted. According to him, Ukraine's WTO accession and reduction of import duties on meat to 10-15 percent will enable to refuse from the early proposed benefit scheme of meat import with deferral of the import duty payment.

Last year, meat import to Ukraine made 250-280 thousand tons, and it was brought in Ukraine based on the benefit schemes to special economic zones and priority development areas or on the give-and-take schemes.

On May 7, the Ukrainian Government provided a deferral of the import duty payment when importing meat and sugar till the end of the fiscal year. The Cabinet of Minister also instructed the state-run enterprise ResursPostach to sell meat bought this spring to a number of enterprises to be defined by the Economics Ministry at the price set as a difference between the cost of meat purchase and the import duty sum.


Ukrainian, Romanian vessels collided on Danube

When passing along 151 km of the Danube River, the dry cargo motorship Kramatorsk (Ukraine) headed to the Izmayil port with a caravan of two barges collided with the Romanian ship Luctar and suffered damage of the barge's fore body, press-service of the Transport and Communications Ministry reported.

The Kramatorsk motorship is presently staying in the Romanian port of Galatz (150 km of the Danube River). No victims reported, the two vessels are on the float.

Administration of the Galatz port examined the case and laid the blame upon the Romanian side.

The Kramatorsk vessel is about to leave for Izmayil today.


Foreign Minister leaves for Slovenia

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Volodymyr Ohryzko has left for an official visit to Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry's press-service reported.

Volodymyr Ohryzko is scheduled to meet Slovenia's President, Foreign Minister and take part in the Ukraine-EU Troika Foreign Ministerial.


Zaporizhzhia to draw investments for Euro 2012

Municipal authorities of Zaporizhzhia are planning to draw into the city investments for the 2012 European Football Championship.

City head Yevhen Kartashov proposed that Zaporizhzhia be viewed as a basis for training and accommodation of tourists during the European football finals.

He said he had studied in detail the experience of preparations for a football championship in Austria, one of the two co-hosts of EURO 2008, whose stadiums, hotels and roads were prepared 1.5 - 2 years before the start of the events. According to norms, the distance between populated localities where teams train and fans live cannot exceed 100 kilometers.

Kartashov's proposal met with interest at the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, whose delegates visited Zaporizhzhia to look at its hotel infrastructure and development prospects.


Industrial Policy Ministry learning prospects for building up Eurocar output to 100,000 vehicles a year

The EuroCar plant is a real example of drawing foreign investments in Ukraine, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy Viktor Padalko said, speaking about the work of the ministry's experiment team, which visited closed joint stock company EuroCar in Zakarpattia region and considered a report on implementation of the program for boosting production capacities and creation of new jobs at the enterprise.

The experts, together with the company heads, examined economic prerequisites and prospects for bringing EuroCar's general capacity to the production of up to 100,000 vehicles a year, EuroCar press service told. Last year, a little less than 30,000 vehicles were made at the plant, the sum of capital investments in development making almost UAH 43 million.

During the visit, the expert team also got familiar with organization of industrial assembly at the company capacities, based on the Volkswagen Group concern standards, and confirmed by Germany's independent quality audit agency at ISO 9001:2000 (TUV CERT).

EuroCar became the first enterprise to have been visited by an expert team of the industrial policy ministry for study of the current situation and problems over the work of this country's main automobile enterprises with the purpose of creating favorable conditions for the development of the domestic car industry, and improvement of environment for strategic investors in conditions of Ukraine's membership of the World Trade Organization.

EuroCar opened in Solomonove, Zakarpattia region, on December 19, 2001. From 2002 to 2005 it worked within the framework of free trade zone Transcarpathia.

The company employs over 1,000 people, and sent UAH 626 million of taxes and duties to the national budget last year.


Conference on Ukraine-NATO Security and Defense Cooperation to be held in Brussels on May 21-22

A conference on discussing the results and prospects for Ukraine-NATO cooperation in the sphere of security and defense will be held as part of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defense Reform at the alliance's headquarters in Brussels on May 21-22, 2008. The press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry told that the Ukrainian delegation headed by First Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Stepan Havrysh had left for Belgium to participate in the conference.

On May 21, participants in the conference will focus on the issue of reforming Ukraine's security and defense sector within an Intensified Dialogue, the country's progress in fulfilling strategic tasks, further steps of Ukraine-NATO cooperation as part of the Joint Working Group on Defense Reform, as well as achievements and prospects as part of the project on training civil personnel of Ukraine's security and defense sector.

On May 22, the conference will focus on the issues of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's structure and tasks, future steps in reforming Ukraine's defense sector, and stimulating the activities of the NATO-Ukraine Partnership Network for Civil Society Expertise Development.

Moreover, the participants in the meeting will consider preparations for the next meetings of the NATO-Ukraine Joint Working Group on Defense Reform at the high level and the Ukraine-NATP Commission at the level of defense ministers.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ukraine's integration in EU energy market to be on agenda of Energy Summit in Kyiv, says Foreign Ministry

Ukraine's integration in the energy market of the European Union will be discussed during an energy security summit in Kyiv on May 22-23, Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Yeliseyev said during a roundtable on Tuesday.

He said that Ukraine is making a significant contribution to ensuring energy security on the European space and is ready to be a reliable partner in the transit of hydrocarbons and electricity to EU member states.

Yeliseyev said that the work on the diversification of energy resources is currently being held, and these issues would be at the center of attention during the energy security summit in Kyiv.


Ukraine, Georgia negotiating to engage Ukrainian peacekeepers in crisis settlement in Georgia - Ukraine's Foreign Ministry

Georgia and Ukraine are negotiating to involve Ukrainian peacekeepers in settlement of the situation in Georgia, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Vasyl Kyrylych told reporters. He stressed that Georgia is fully able to tackle the issue by its own. At the same time, the Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that if a decision or proposal are made at the international level to involve Ukrainian peacekeepers in conflict settlement, so the Ukrainian side will consider these issues. "However, our stance is based on that Georgia has its resource, as an independent state, to address the issues by its own". Vasyl Kyrylych specified that there are no agreements on the matter with the Georgian side so far.


International Forum on Agricultural Business completes work in Kyiv

The International Forum on Agricultural Business organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Agricultural Policy Ministry completed its work in Kyiv today. Participating in a meeting were representatives of central and local power authorities, international corporations, leading agricultural enterprises and branch associations of the agroindustrial complex.

The aim of the event is to promote attraction of foreign and domestic investments into the agricultural business sector of the Central, East European and CIS countries, including Ukraine.

During the forum, in particular, previous EBRD activities were analyzed in the agricultural business sector, as well as the achieved results. At the same time, an opinion was taken into consideration, expressed at the Conference on countering food inflation through granting stable investments, carried out by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the EBRD in early March. The themes were discussed with regard to future trends of the EBRD activities in the agricultural business sector over next five years, taking into consideration the renewed Agricultural Business Strategy.

Note. The EBRD is the largest financial investor into the Ukrainian economy. The bank is attracting the funds into the agricultural sector, comprising the whole production line: from growing and processing of agricultural products to realization of food products, their packing and a retail sale.


Ukraine to transfer to market prices in electric energy exports to Moldova since summer 2009

Ukraine will start to export electric energy by market prices to Moldova in summer 2009, Fuel and Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan told journalists.

He specified that such an agreement was reached during his negotiations with Moldovan First Vice Prime Minister Igor Dodon. 'It will be either on June 1 or July 1, 2009. Since that moment the electric energy supplied to Moldova will cost not less than on Ukraine's domestic market", the minister said.

Yuriy Prodan also informed that with this aim an agreement was reached with the Moldovan party on changing dynamics of a price increase for the exported electric energy. According to the Minister, till now, the value of electric energy exported from Ukraine was increased by one cent per one kilowatt a month. "With such rates I don't even know when we are able to reach the electric energy market price. Therefore, an agreement was reached about the change of a formula approach", Yuriy Prodan said.


Yuriy Yekhanurov endorses Regulations on Academic Medical Council of Ukraine's Defense Ministry

Defense Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov signed a decree to endorse Regulations of the Defense Ministry's Academic Medical Council in order to provide scientific grounding and accompaniment of urgent problems in improving and developing the Medical Service of Ukraine's Armed Forces. In accordance with the decree, the Academic Medical Council of the Defense Ministry is a standing advisory body the decisions of which could be a ground to issue the relevant normative and instructive documents in the field of health care of Ukraine's Armed Forces personnel and military medical science.

The Academic Medical Council will be responsible for analysis and preparation of proposals on priority directions of the military medical science and medical technologies development. The agency will be also involved in the work of executive authority's commissions on protection of Ukraine's population in case of terrorist attacks, manmade and natural disasters and for a special period.