Sunday, June 3, 2007

Greek "Piraeus Bank" purchases 78% of Ukrainian "International Commerce Bank"

The "Greek Piraeus Bank" has signed a deal on purchase of 78% of the Ukrainian "International Commerce Bank".

The "Piraeus Bank" is a leading Greek bank operating 301 departments in Greece and one in London. The bank also has offices abroad, notably in Bulgaria, Albania, USA, Serbia and Egypt. The bank's assets are evaluated at 43.5 bn Euros.

In October 2004 the international Finance Group "SEB" purchased 94% of shares of the "Azhio" bank.

In August 2005 the Austrian "Raiffeisen International Bank-Holding" purchased 93.5% of the "Aval" bank.

In February 2007 the Italian "Banca Intensa" agreed on acquisition of 85.42% of the "UkrSotsBank".

In April the French "BNP Paribas" purchased 51% of the "UkrSibBank".