Sunday, June 3, 2007

Prime Minister declares intention to revive hockey as one of leading sports in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Government intends to make every effort to revive hockey as one of the leading sports in Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych told a meeting with State Duma Committee for Sports and Physical Culture Head, and Hockey Federation President Vladislav Tretyak of Russia. The Premier also said the priority in this direction should be given to construction of new sports grounds, and the Government will shortly provide favorable conditions for the purpose.

President Anatoliy Brezvin of the Ukrainian Hockey Federation informed that Ukraine adopted hockey development and promotion program that provides for attracting investors in building ice stadiums and all-purpose sports gardens. The hockey investor at that is allowed to erect hotel or other infrastructure near ice stadium at the land allotted by the state.

He stated as well that the two hockey federations almost reached agreements regarding the Ukrainian Hockey Club of "Sokil" transition form the Open Belarusian Championship to the Highest Hockey League of Russia.