Sunday, June 3, 2007

Passenger service launched between Yalta and Turkish Sinop

Yalta and the Turkish city of Sinop launched sea passenger service with a high-speed comfortable catamaran dubbed the Crimean Wave running between the two cities. The first passengers of the 260-seat catamaran became Crimean tourism operators, Mass Media representatives, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of ARC and the Yalta City Council officials. Turkish partners organized for them excursion around ancient Sinop and other sights of the Turkish north coast.

Home journey from Sinop to Yalta delivered about 30 representatives of the Turkish tourism business with the goal to continue talks on groups' exchange and tourist's routes elaboration.

As the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea reported, scheduled sea passenger journeys Yalta-Sinop will be available from May to September. Their profitability will be ensured in case of 50% of passengers are on catamaran board. Besides, the Yalta port is expected to set up a consular point in order to simplify visa-issuing procedure for the Turkish passengers arriving by the Crimean Wave catamaran. According to the Turkish businessmen, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sinop, the tourism company Sinop-Tour and Sinop's authorities that initiated the new route opening, in case these provisions are observed, the shortest 6-hour distance between Turkey and Crimea will enjoy wide popularity.