Sunday, June 3, 2007

Next round of negotiations on new enhanced agreement between Ukraine and EU slated for July, 2007

The next round of negotiations between Ukraine and the EU is slated for July 2 to 4 in Kyiv, Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Veselovskyi said in Brussels.

According to Andriy Veselovskyi, who heads the Ukrainian delegation to Brussels, the third round of talks between Ukraine and the EU was held in a friendly and cozy atmosphere. Ukraine is the only country so far, considering a new enhanced agreement with the EU. This is a new move and a new stage for the EU, a so -called handicap, it overcomes.

The diplomat noted that negotiations were held in the format of three working groups in the sectors of security policy, law and sector cooperation. The forth group will join negotiations after Ukraine accedes to the EU. We hold unofficial consultations, albeit no official statements have been aired yet.

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister, the working group on international security policy has a successful operation. Ukraine's stance reflects its bids to reach new political associations and economic integration in the result of the agreement's fulfilment.

Activity in the format of the second group in the justice sector was a bit strained. It was complicated for the EU to allow free move of Ukrainian citizens and migration. We are sincere, noting that we are not ready yet to meet European standards in this view. Therefore, we need rather the EU's assistance than cooperation, Andriy Veselovskyi stressed.

The third working group on sector issues discusses the most complicated issues for Ukraine. Our state attempts to follow the path of the EU's members. We don't copy their experience, we want to launch it in Ukraine. The job will be quite hard, as we don't get the EU's finance support unlike other countries.

He stressed that both Ukraine and the EU have grounds for mutual interest in sector cooperation. A majority of the Ukrainian officials successfully geared up to the negotiations.

The EU's delegation admitted successful work of the Ukrainian delegation, qualitative and timely draft of documents. This is a proof for the EU that the internal crisis doesn't influence the negotiations, the Deputy Foreign Minister said.