Friday, February 26, 2010

President congratulates Prime Minister of Azerbaijan on his 75th birthday

President congratulates workers of Poltava Ore Mining and Enrichment Works

President Yanukovych meet Attorney General Medvedko

The President pointed to urgency of judicial reform.

Viktor Yanukovych also said it is important to provide implementation of the law on improvement of social standards. The Attorney General informed the President of Ukraine that Attorney General's Office currently sends relevant cases to court, because the Cabinet has been ignoring its protest appeals. The President ordered that the Office took immediate action against officials who break the law.

President Yanukovych also instructed the Office to conduct in cooperation with the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine a joint unit of budgetary funds use, both internal and received from the IMF, during last and this year.

Sides have also discussed the issue of VAT refunds. The President pointed to urgency of the issue, adding that currently VAT is refunded to exporters actually in "manual mode".

President Yanukovych also said that it is necessary to provide legality of tax collection. "What were the grounds for Tax Administration to collect taxes in advance for three months? There is no place in the world, where such thing would be possible and I would like Attorney General's Office strictly monitored observation of the law", said Viktor Yanukovych.

President meets with Security Service Chairman

President Yanukovych meets with VR Speaker Lytvyn

The President emphasized that it it is crucial to immediately establish an effective coalition and efficient Government. He criticized absence of State Budget 2010 saying that it means "finances and economy are managed manually".

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that beginning with March 1, activate negotiations on forming the coalition should start in the Parliament called on Volodymyr Lytvyn to be active organizer of the negotiations. From his part the Speaker said he "understands it should be done". 

Speaker Lytvyn also stressed that "de facto there is no coalition" in the Parliament. According to him it is proved by the fact that out of more than 2000 legal acts approved by the Parliament, only 130 were adopted by the coalition. "If there is a coalition in the Parliament, there must be a budget", said Volodymyr Lytvin. He added that the opposition should also work actively in the Parliament.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

President Yanukovych opens inauguration reception for foreign guests

Viktor Yanukovych meets Russian delegation to his inauguration

President Yanukovych meets President Lukashenko

"The relations between our two countries are at the doorstep of a new stage", said Viktor Yanukovych at the meeting. "Together with you we are ready to discuss all the major strategic directions of our relations. I am ready to work with you for economic good-neighborly relations between our two countries to develop rapidly", he said.

"I did not and will not forget the native land of my ancestors - Vitebsk region", added Viktor Yanukovych.

President Yanukovych cuts spendings on Presidential Administration by 20%

At the meeting Viktor Yanukovych informed that he has already reduced the costs of maintaining the Presidential Administration by 20%.

Viktor Yanukovych said that he would continue cutting spendings on "bureaucracy and give the money to the poor… because 20% of people are on the edge of poverty in Ukraine".

President Yanukovych confirms visit to Brussels

"I plan to visit Brussels next week", he said.

President Yanukovych takes command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

President Viktor Yanukovych's address to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Dear compatriots!

I have jut been sworn in the President of Ukraine. What I felt as my hand rested upon the Holy  Peresopnytsia Gospel?

It were responsibility and humility. Before the people of Ukraine, which in the free expression of will has given majority of votes for my candidacy. Before the Almighty, by Whose will I now assume the office of the President of Ukrainian state in such a difficult time for it.

The election is over. The whole world recognized that it had been democratic. The Ukrainian nation has said its word, and international community has reaffirmed that Ukraine is a free state, where rights and freedoms are the highest values and where the people's choice can not be questioned by any manifestations of someone's ill will.

This last fact is particularly important given the young age of our democracy and the illnesses of its development that are so hard to avoid in the process of statehood establishment.

Nevertheless, we have passed this important exam with dignity and now the page of 2010 presidential election was turned. With this turn the next period of our history begins.

The country is in a very difficult situation: there is no current year's state budget, the foreign borrowings are huge, there is poverty, the economy is in ruins, there is corruption; this list of troubles that make up the Ukrainian reality is far from complete.

Yet, I do believe that not only we can save the state from the socio-economic collapse, but we can quickly put it on the path of accelerated development. If not for the confidence in myself, in the strength of my team and the power of the Ukrainian people, I would have never ran for President's office.

I know what to do and how to do it.

First,  we must restore the system of effective governance. We must quickly establish a competent executive power, that will immediately proceed to management of the most affected sectors of the economy and social sector. The primary objective here is reforming the system of governance and, first of all, the Cabinet, its transformation into a team of professionals, rather than "political waiters". In this regard, I urge the Parliament to support my efforts to create a transparent, effective and accountable system of governance able to cooperate synchronously with the President.

I emphasize: this special role in the reforming of public administration I see played by the Parliament. It is a place for discussion. It is a place for a strong opposition, which should control the actions of the Government and the President. But first of all it is the place for strong and stable parliamentary majority.

If we do not manage to overcome the existing political disputes in the name of saving the state, if do not manage to cleanse our hearts from the poison of hatred generated by vanity and selfishness, the state will be doomed to continue wandering in the twilight of political and socio-economic labyrinth.

Mutual rejection due to failure of ones and victory of the others is not only destructive from the point of view of state interests, but is deeply immoral. Because it is said in the Bible: "Make your peace with your adversary quickly, while you are still on the road with him ...". Life has confirmed this simple and obvious truth: people do not like being shown bear fists. They tend to trust more to those, who offer their hand as the sign of peace. So I appeal to all members of the Parliament with a call to cooperation for the sake of Ukraine.

Such cooperation will be crucial for the effective reform of government, justice, amending the Constitution. Today the state is controlled by the structure, "sewn" for the purposes of individual politicians. The same can be said about justice, and many other important areas of Ukrainian society. We must change the status quo. The structure of all branches of power should serve achievement of a common goal - rapid adoption of the necessary state laws and their rapid implementation. And we should equally care for protection of legitimate interests of ordinary people, ordinary citizens, middle class, intellectuals and business.

Effective cooperation between the President, Parliament and Government will clear the way to rapid economic progress. In turn, the resolution of this problem will not only eliminate permanent poverty, but will also unite the country. People tend to politicize certain issues of spirituality mostly when they are in a state of permanent financial instability. In economically developed countries the likelihood of internal conflict due to the difference in cultural traditions of a region is ten times lower than in the economically backward states.

Ukraine must choose the right long-term development strategy. Many of our problems are caused by the fact that instead of moving towards a post-industrial society of XXI century, we chose the path of initial accumulation of capital, i.e. the so-called "wild capitalism". Accordingly, we will be able to successfully compete in today's world only if turn to development of science intensive industries: modern technologies of production, accumulation and use of achievements of science.

I understand that it is extremely difficult to catch up with industrially developed countries. However, it is possible. To do this, Ukraine needs a strategy of innovation progress, and our team has such a strategy. It involves the development and state support of a small number of priority areas, where we can take our rightful place in the international distribution of labor. This means not strengthening the role of state in the economy, but government's participation in establishment of effective market mechanisms. I am convinced that direct state influence on the economy, its manual control is the road to nowhere.

The prerequisites for restoration of investors' and international financial institutions' confidence in Ukraine are ensuring political stability, fighting corruption, establishing clear and, most importantly,  permanent rules of relations between the state and business. Providing the first two conditions will be particularly difficult process, but I have enough political will to make them reality.

As President, I have a clear idea of what kind of foreign policy corresponds today with national interests of Ukraine the most. Being a bridge between East and West, an integral part of Europe and former Soviet Union at the same time, Ukraine will choose foreign policy that will allow our country to get the maximum out of development of equal and mutually beneficial relations with Russia, the European Union, the United States and other countries that influence development of the situation in the world. In my opinion, the challenges, international community is facing, dictate the need to unite in as broader format as possible. Humanity, including Ukraine, needs the EU in a global reading. By the EU I mean Earth Unity as the force capable to guarantee peaceful coexistence of various civilizations of the world along with energy, environmental, food security. We are ready to participate in such processes as a European non-aligned state. I intend to suggest this concept to the Parliament to develop the foundations of foreign policy of Ukraine, and, hopefully, the highest legislative body would support me.

Assuming the office of Ukrainian President, I want to tell the people of Ukraine, that all my promises to it will be kept. We will repay the arrears of wages and pensions, what the current Government never managed to do. Given the dire situation in public finances, we will do this by reducing the costs of bureaucratic system and start with ourself. One of my first decrees as the President of Ukraine will be the one to reduce spending on the Presidential Secretariat and other structures that ensure its activities.

People's deputies!


I have always put deeds above words and in the new office will not abandon this rule. Work and results for the benefit of my Motherland - this the motto, with which I take up my duties in the new responsible office.

I look forward to your support, as well as the support of international community that wishes to see our country strong and stable.

And God help us in this righteous aspiration!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

President holds meeting on fighting impact of chemical enterprises on environment

th local referendum for recognizing the region a zone of ecological emergency situation. "We need to consolidate efforts of different institutions, from NSDC to the Government to immediately react to these things", said Victor Yushchenko.

rd National Security and Defense Council meeting and that based on decisions adopted at the meeting he would ask the Government to allocation contingency fund money to address the environmental situation at the enterprise.