Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Joint Statement of Presidents of Ukraine and Russia on European security

th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, 35 years after signature of the Helsinki Final Act and 20 years after adoption of the Paris Charter for a New Europe, the legacy of the old era of the Cold War must be done away with.

Ukraine and the Russian Federation support building harmonious global order, based upon strong central coordinating role of the UN, as well as upon interdependence and cooperation aimed at solving common problems, the integral part of which should be single space of security and stability from Vancouver to Vladivostok with a global approach and objectives shared by all.

Ukraine and the Russian Federation, fully realizing their rights under the UN Charter and Helsinki Final Act, individually and collectively, including under the Corfu Process and other mechanisms of the OSCE, as well as in the context of relations between Ukraine and Russia with NATO and the EU, will actively promote the establishment of joint space of legal mandatory guarantees of equal and indivisible security for all the Euro-Atlantic states, including security guarantees to countries that voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons, and neutral states.

The Parties agreed that this approach could become the basis for further development of constructive dialogue on a broad range of security issues: arms control and confidence-building measures, establishing cooperation between all organizations working in the area of security, development of common criteria for resolving conflicts by peaceful means, based on international law, and combating global security threats.

To this end, the Parties will promote substantive consideration of the incentive of the President of Ukraine to form a new European system of collective counteraction to global threats and challenges of the XXI century and the incentive of the Russian President on signing the Treaty on European Security. The Parties stressed the coincidence of principal focus of these two incentives.

Presidents of Ukraine and the Russian Federation highlighted the importance of the proposal of Kazakhstan to hold OSCE summit in 2010.

Russia supports Ukraine's aspirations to take presidency over the OSCE in 2013.

Ukraine and Russia, reaffirming their determination to eliminate dividing lines existing in Europe, advocate removing visa barriers and creation of common space for human contact in Europe.

Kyiv, May 17, 2010