Tuesday, May 18, 2010

President: Together with Russia we will earn more than we would by fighting on our own at global markets

"Our previous collaboration in aircraft building was based on the following conditions: if the aircraft is built in Russia, it is made of 60% Russian and 40% Ukrainian components. If it is vice-versa, the aircraft building takes place under the following conditions: 60% of Ukrainian components and 40% of the Russian ones.

Our specialists have long worked together, and in many respects only the government and bureaucracy impeded their cooperation.

Now we understand that in order to enter markets of the third countries we must establish large-scale production, rather than discrete one we used to have before. In that case it will be quite a different price and quality," said the President, adding that in such case, associated companies that produce components for aircrafts will also reduce their prices. Indeed, if the aircrafts are mass manufactured, aircraft parts will be produced in much larger quantities.

"Together, we will earn more than we would by fighting on our own at global markets," said President Yanukovych.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that such conditions of cooperation can be applied in other areas, such as shipbuilding, space industry, etc. He also informed that the agreement was reached on Russia completing construction of the cruiser "Ukraine".

"We do not have the capacity to build it without Russia," concluded the President.