Friday, April 9, 2010

President meets Foreign Minister of Sweden

During the meeting President said: “In a short time we managed to create a clear line of government. Today the Constitutional Court announced its decision, recognizing constitutionality of the coalition in the Parliament. So now I can confidently say that Ukraine has the effective and cohesive government team. And this chain - the President, the Government and the Parliamentary Coalition - will operate effectively”.

"My key priorities are reduction of public spending, strict optimization of spending for state machinery and decisive anti-corruption measures. This will be reflected in the budget, which is at final stage of its development.

It is not an easy task, given the critical state, which we have inherited. Our main principles are realism, thrift and investment and innovative model of development. We expect that this approach will allow quick resumption of cooperation with the IMF ", stressed Viktor Yanukovych.

According to the President, "one of the most important priorities is abandoning manual control of the economy. The state's role in the economy will be reduced, the number of regulatory mechanisms will be limited”.

The President is convinced that "main factor in sustainable economic development is the restoration of investors’ confidence, fighting corruption, reforming pricing and taxation system, ensuring the rule of law”.

According to Viktor Yanukovych, the new government's foreign policy "will be pragmatic, based on the principles of good neighborliness and mutual benefit”.

"We guarantee the stability and predictability of our policy. We have a worked out action program with the EU, which provides establishment of a free trade area before the end of this year and introduction of visa-free travel for Ukrainian citizens.

Another priority of our dialogue with the EU is energy security. We guarantee uninterrupted transit of Russian gas to consumer countries and promote transparent and unconditional abidance by all obligations, taking into account the interests of all parties. There will be no more gas crises.

Now we are working to restore a high level of trust with our strategic partner Russia. We are confident that it will improve the overall climate of relations between East and West and at the European continent in general", said Viktor Yanukovych.

"While reforming our economy we will pursue achieving European standards. We see the way we can realize integrating to Europe to be like that. We are ready to approach the EU with the speed the EU is ready for", summarized Viktor Yanukovych and thanked Sweden for support in Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

"Between our two countries have established really good and continuous bilateral relations that have different aspects" said Foreign Minister Bildt.

He also stressed that Ukraine and Sweden have good opportunities to expand cooperation, particularly in investment.

"In my opinion, with the success of reforms in Ukraine, with economic development the interest of Swedish investors, and investors from other countries will be growing", said Carl Bildt.

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden also believes that the priority task for Ukraine is restoring cooperation with the IMF.

"This is a key to your sustainable development and reforms. The talks on association agreement and free trade zone are important as well. Last year, during Sweden's Presidency over the EU, we worked in this direction, but unfortunately did not manage to do everything planned. But under the stability that currently prevailing in Ukraine, we hope that progress in this direction will be reached", said Carl Bildt.