Friday, April 9, 2010

President Yanukovych meets UEFA President Michel Platini

"I understand that being a functionary at such a level is no easy thing. So I am ready to work for you to have no problems in Ukraine. Moreover, it is my duty to do everything for Ukraine to look decent. Euro 2012 is a matter of honor and dignity for Ukraine, it is definitely a step towards integration into the European Union. This event arouses great interest in the Ukrainian society, not even mentioning football fans”.

"I am confident that our cooperation with you will give us a positive result. This task we have set, and we will perform it. I will be working on Euro 2012 questions so that each of them will be under my personal supervision", he said.

Viktor Yanukovych also said: "I well understand that you have had many problems while working with Ukraine. Personally, I criticized actions of the former government not because at that time I was in opposition, but because it was really painful for me to watch us loosing time. So, being a former racer, I believe that now we must shift the highest gear and win the curves".

"I think that is the purpose you came to Ukraine with. I'm glad to see you and your team. I hope we will enjoy our cooperation and see its results in 2012", said President Yanukovych.