Saturday, April 24, 2010

Olena Lukash: President observed all regulations when signing the agreement on Black Sea Fleet with Russia

This agreement had been previously processed by the appropriate ministries and, after the appropriate discussion, approved at the meeting of the Government.

Given that under current legislation of Ukraine the above agreement is subject to ratification, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs submitted to the President of Ukraine the appropriate draft law. Having considered the draft law, the President of Ukraine in compliance with the required procedure submitted it to the Parliament with a full package of supplementary documents.

Thus, the President of Ukraine has absolutely clearly met all legislative requirements and procedural rules that must precede the approval of this agreement by the Parliament.

That is why on Tuesday, simultaneously with their Russian counterparts, Ukrainian deputies will ratify the Agreement on the deployment of Russian Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine, after which it becomes effective.

Therefore, all legislative procedures required for entry into force of the above agreement were performed in full without exception, in contrast to, for example, the infamous "Letter of the Three" to NATO, which was signed and then filed by the previous government in secret from the Ukrainian people.

Now all the actions are open to the public and fully meet the requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, Rules of the Verkhovne Rada and Law of Ukraine "On international treaties".