Saturday, April 24, 2010

President visits 'Lyubystok' orphanage in Kyiv region

There are 39 orphaned children being raised at the orphanage with the funds coming from regional budget.

The President talked to each of the children personally, asked them about their life and if there is something needed.

Speaking to the children, the President advised them: "In life, you should always keep your head up”.

Then, together with two foster children, Viktor Yanukovych, planted an apple tree. There was also an alley of thujas planted near the orphanage by foster children and their tutors in the framework of All-Ukrainian Beatification Day initiated by the President.

Speaking to the director of ‘Lyubystok’ orphanage, President Yanukovych asked about the construction of the playground for foster children, and gave some recommendations on it adding: "When the construction is over, pleas invite me.”

He promised to visit them again to the foster children too. And having learned from them that they love playing football, Viktor Yanukovych said: "Once the playground is built, I will come and play with you. Just invite me more and I will come." He also wished the children: "Have dreams and achieve your goals”.

The President gave presents to the orphanage: a TV-set, sportswear and footwear.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Viktor Yanukovych invited all willing (and such were almost all pupils of the orphanage) to visit with him the National Museum "Battle for Kyiv in 1943" and talk with veterans of the Great Patriotic War.