Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Defence Ministry: Ukrainian military delegation stays on visit in USA

A Ukrainian military delegation led by Deputy Head of Department of Draft and Recruitment of the Main Personnel Department of the General Headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel Hennadii Zlatnikov stays on a visit in the United States of America.

The principal objective of the visit lays in getting familiarized with experience of introduction in the Armed Forces of America a system of recruiting and contract service.

During their stay representatives of the Ukrainian delegation will get to know a strategy of advertising, a process of selection of candidates for the contract service, training of recruiters. Besides, the Ukrainian officers will hold a series of consultations into the issues of promotion of contract military officers, criteria of prolonging contract terms, encouraging programs applied in the process of recruiting and service of personnel of the US Armed Forces.

While exchanging experience with the American colleagues Ukrainian officers will pay attention to studying legislative and normative-legal base which regulates the procedure of selection candidates, assigning for training as well as attestation of sergeant staff of the US land forces.