Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ukraine has all the resources to deal with global financial crisis impact - President

At his today’s press briefing that followed NSDC meeting, President Victor Yushchenko stressed opinion that Ukraine has all the resources to present proper response to a threat of world financial crisis.

President Yushchenko informed that the NSDC had elaborated recommendations of applying the following four blocks of anti-crisis measures:

  • prevention of recession in some branches of economy
  • introduction of alterations to budgetary policy in its expenses part
  • ensuring keeping up to state and corporate financial obligations before external creditors
  • stabilization of national currency, financial and banking system
Explaining the abovementioned measures President stressed that their success depends primarily on mutual confidence of Ukrainian citizens, business and authorities as well as on the ability of state institutions to consolidate their efforts in fighting global financial crisis impact on Ukraine.