Wednesday, May 21, 2008

International Forum on Agricultural Business completes work in Kyiv

The International Forum on Agricultural Business organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Agricultural Policy Ministry completed its work in Kyiv today. Participating in a meeting were representatives of central and local power authorities, international corporations, leading agricultural enterprises and branch associations of the agroindustrial complex.

The aim of the event is to promote attraction of foreign and domestic investments into the agricultural business sector of the Central, East European and CIS countries, including Ukraine.

During the forum, in particular, previous EBRD activities were analyzed in the agricultural business sector, as well as the achieved results. At the same time, an opinion was taken into consideration, expressed at the Conference on countering food inflation through granting stable investments, carried out by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the EBRD in early March. The themes were discussed with regard to future trends of the EBRD activities in the agricultural business sector over next five years, taking into consideration the renewed Agricultural Business Strategy.

Note. The EBRD is the largest financial investor into the Ukrainian economy. The bank is attracting the funds into the agricultural sector, comprising the whole production line: from growing and processing of agricultural products to realization of food products, their packing and a retail sale.