Thursday, May 29, 2008

Foreign Ministry denies threat to total Ukrainization of TV broadcasting

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry sees no grounds to speak about Ukrainization of broadcasting, head of the Foreign Ministry's press-service Vasyl Kyrylych said commenting statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry about Ukrainization of television in Ukraine.

Kyrylych refuted accusation of the Russian party that Ukraine tries to "remove" from the air the Russian-broadcasting companies and assured that Ukraine completely fulfills the European Charter on Regional and Minority Languages. According to him, the Council of Europe has no remarks regarding non-fulfillment of the Charter's obligations by Ukraine. "The Russian language, as the minority one, has broad opportunities for functioning in Ukraine, and this is fixed in Ukraine's national legislation," he stressed.

As reported, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed deep concern about the plans of Ukraine to stop retransmission of Russian TV channels via the cable TV system.