Sunday, May 9, 2010

President’s address at Victory Day military parade

You are honest both to history and us having rescued the world from the fascist plague. Your conscience is clean before the descendants. Now it’s our turn to be honest with you. And primarily, to prove whether we, your descendants, have justified your hopes. Are we fully aware of what you - our parents and grandparents - did both for us and Ukraine?

My dear veterans, you have preserved and presented Ukraine to us, the ones, living now.

Now we are building Ukraine’s statehood. And it is great, because every nation strives for self-realization through statehood.

We are for a sovereign state, where each and every nation would feel home. After all, when the soldiers were liberating us sacrificing their lives, we didn’t ask them about their faith, nationality or blood group.

We offer our special thanks to home front fighters and honor widows and mothers who took the burden of man's work and brought up children, half orphans, having taught them to live honestly. Today we celebrate both Victory Day and Mother's Day. And this is very special. We wouldn’t win our victory without our mothers.

Dear veterans!

You are our great forerunners; you defeated the fascism, honestly believing that all peoples on Earth are equal and God-chosen. And we must fly the banner of your faith high, remembering that everyone is equal before the Lord. All are equal before the Motherland and the responsibility for its destiny.

As President of Ukraine I will do everything to be worth of your high example.

Dear compatriots! Everyone, who fell on the battlefield for the sake of good, remains alive for us. And they will live as long as the world and Ukraine exist.

And Ukraine is eternal. So, may the memory of those fallen live forever.

Hail to the living winners!

I wish you many years of good and prosperity. Hail to the winner-nation!