Tuesday, May 18, 2010

President: We will look for mutually benificial decisions and adopt them

"We have agreed with the President of Russia that after our forum we will sign a joint protocol and will work. We understand that in order to successfully deal with problems, which businesses in both Ukraine and Russia as well as in third countries currently have, we must include state mechanisms, different regulators. Including, of course, adopting political decisions. Both Dmitry Anatolyevych and I would like you to take into account the fact that during last five years Ukraine left gas markets of Central Asia. In addition, I will say frankly, it did so not by itself, not voluntary. It was pushed out.

We do not make claims to anyone here and certainly cannot do it. But we would certainly like to return to this issue, to its discussion. This is partly true for oil, but mostly – for gas. Our companies (by the way, with the participation of Russian capital, Russian investors) are working there. Their losses in the economy are huge. So we hope for the right approach. We have already partially discussed these issues and hope that we will discuss them more deeply soon.

As to all other questions and suggestions made today by our colleagues ... All of them, of course, require consideration. First of all – from the point of view of merging assets, in terms of achieving synergy.

We know that in many cases, our cooperation will work for the benefit for our economies and of course, decision-making will be based on economics. As Dmitry Medvedev said: economics, economics and economics again.

So I believe that we will always seek mutually beneficial solutions, and realize them in practice. And we will act very quickly. Why? Because we have wasted really a lot of time. A lot of time is lost. We will not return it. We can now solve the issue only one way – to create real mechanisms to boost the economy.

All the questions from Russian investors operating in Ukraine and from Ukrainian investors operating in Russia, we agreed to solve the following way. First, we collect them all, and consider each issue separately. We consider it and, I emphasize that, find concrete solutions. There can be no problems in this area. If commitments were taken from either side, they should be observed. This is our principle position.