Wednesday, April 14, 2010

President: Washington Summit's subject concerns more than 47 participating states

At the meeting President Medvedev said that Russia is ready to discuss new Ukrainian proposals about gas prices and offered to consider this issue at the level of core departments of the two countries.

This subject is very important for Ukraine. Despite the fact that we currently have signed agreements, the matter must be reviewed and processed at the level of core departments of both countries, he said.

"In the scope of what we have discussed during your recent private visit to Moscow, in order to implement those proposals that we have discussed, I believe it is reasonable to "synchronize watches” and initiate additional actions by the ministries and departments", said President Medvedev, addressing his Ukrainian colleague.

Viktor Yanukovych said that the issue of price for Russian gas occupies Ukraine. He also noted that there are many issues that have accumulated over the years - not only the last five, but before. They must be addressed.

Dmitry Medvedev, in turn, drew attention to the fact that the leaders of Russia and Ukraine recently have been meeting very often.

"As promised to our citizens, we meet often. This fact inspires me. Particularly because there was a time when I practically was not seeing the leadership of Ukraine at all", said President Medvedev, adding that the rate of current cooperation of Ukraine and Russia “corresponds with the interest of our countries and peoples”. He acknowledged that a lot of problems have accumulated in the bilateral relations but there are also many constructive ideas.

At the trilateral meeting President Yanukovych expressed hope that Russia would support Ukraine’s initiative on getting rid of highly enriched uranium.

"We hope that you will support us by accepting the enriched uranium and processing it", he said, affirming that proposals previously discussed with the President of Russia are accepted by Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych also stressed the importance of participation of Ukraine and Russia in nuclear safety projects:

"The subject of the Summit taking place in Washington, I am convinced, now unites more than these 47 participating countries. It concerns the whole world … so naturally the participation of our countries – both Ukraine, and Russia – is very important, because we are the neighbors”.
In this context President Yanukovych emphasized the undeniable importance of the Washington Nuclear Security Summit and said that currently the idea of establishing a relevant international tribunal is being discussed.

"New decisions are elaborated, including the establishment of an international tribunal", he said and explained that such steps are response to the challenges of the times.

"We have common positions and common concerns about what is happening in the world in that sphere as well as shared desire to give an adequate response to that", he said.

At the meeting sides also discussed preparation to the Ukrainian-Russian Interstate Commission meeting to be chaired by the Presidents of the two states.

Viktor Yanukovych and Dmitry Medvedev agreed that before the May meeting a specific plan should be elaborated to accelerate the work of respective departments.