Friday, April 23, 2010

President meets HRH The Duke of York

"This liaison of the President, Cabinet and parliamentary coalition has already begun working," said President Yanukovych explaining that thus political stability in the state is being restored.

Among the most important tasks for state authorities Viktor Yanukovych named improving the difficult situation in the economy as soon as possible, adding that this would be unachievable without reforms.

The President also said that government has started systematic work on tackling corruption. "We have established the Anti-Corruption Committee. It has already prepared a number of bills to be coordinated with the Venice Commission," he said.

"Today, professionals have come to power. We will begin to improve social situation and by the end of the year lay a solid foundation for continuing the work in 2011. This is our main target," he said.

"Currently we are developing the strategy of Ukraine’s development until 2020, and, most likely, by the end of 2010 it will be prepared and approved," said Viktor Yanukovych, adding that consideration of the concept of reforms is planned for May for it to be implemented staring from the second half of the year.

"In the budget we have foreseen programs that will allow us to do that. We will announce them and implement them", said the President of Ukraine.

From his part, Prince Andrew expressed his confidence that the program of reforms elaborated by the Ukrainian authorities will not only be well thought out, but ready for immediate implementation. "I am so inspired by what you told me about the plans of the country for the future, that I will appeal to British business community to do more for Ukraine,” he said.

Prince Andrew also stressed that he would be delighted to provide personal support to plans of reforms in Ukraine. He also drew attention to the potential of Ukraine in agriculture and aerospace industry.