Thursday, April 1, 2010

President makes statement regarding debates over so-called union of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

There is another truth - Ukraine is actively integrating into the European Union. And this strategic direction is fixed, including in my repeated statements as the President of Ukraine. I would like everybody to remember that.

Is there a right for debates on this issue? The answer for me as for the President is – no. The answer for everyone who represents the government is – no. And this is absolute.

As for the society – political scientists, experts, journalists, ordinary citizens, we should be looking for the answer in one word: democracy. We live in a democratic society where people can freely, publicly express and discuss different views.

We have a freedom of media. And we do not dictate to the media, which topics they should and should not discuss. Because it would be wrong. Of course, when high government officials take part in live discussions on TV, they should very carefully weigh their every word because they express position of the state.

I had a conversation on the subject with Vice Prime Minister Semynozhenko. Without a doubt, Volodymyr Semynozhenko understands and supports the strategic direction of the state. And the whole problem is that Semynozhenko’s statement was not entirely accurate. I think that the Vice Prime Minister should consider this and remember this in the future.

Also the Vice Prime Minister must once again clearly express his position on the attitude towards the Constitution of Ukraine and policy priorities. And this incident should be settled. I am against the exaggeration of this topic now. We must instead focus efforts on the primary thing - we should move forward. Overcome the crisis and do everything to raise living standards of Ukrainians to the European level.