Friday, March 12, 2010

President introduces new Security Service Chairman

The President congratulated Mr. Khoroshkovsky on the appointment and expressed confidence that with change of leadership the Security Service’s work would improve.

"Valeriy Khoroshkovsky has a great understanding of what needs to be done for the development of the Security Service ... I would like you to combine all of your professional abilities and efforts under chairmanship of the new Security Service Chairman", said Viktor Yanukovych, addressing those present.

According to the President, there has been too much politicization of special units’ work in the last five years that unfortunately ruined many areas of their professional activity. However, Viktor Yanukovych noted, despite the loss of many valuable things, the Service managed to preserve the most important one: the people committed to Ukraine.

"We can restore the personnel ranks and enhance the areas, where the Service was weakened”, he said.

The President of Ukraine noted that from now on only experienced professionals and young people with incentive would be invited to work in the Service. "We will be working so that every step was aimed at strengthening the Service", said Viktor Yanukovych.

President Yanukovych called on the Security Service staff to put all their efforts into strengthening protection of national interests of Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens' rights.

Among the current priorities for the Security Service the President named effective fight against corruption, including the establishment of a new anti-corruption public authority.