Friday, March 12, 2010

President introduces new Interior Minister

"I surely expect effective work from you and would like us to be confident in the future. I wish the entire staff of Interior Ministry, to the Minister of Interior Affairs, success on this path", he said addressing those present.

According to the President, the new leadership of the Ministry should first focuse on bringing order to law enforcement system and beginning systematic work. Viktor Yanukovych said that currently large number of crimes committed by the policemen is due to negligent approach to recruitment.

"Soon we will start a joint systematic advance against such a criminal phenomenon as corruption", said Viktor Yanukovych. He informed that a separate anti-corruption public body would be established in Ukraine to supervise implementation of the anti-corruption legislation "in accordance with the European standards”.

"We know that corruption erodes the system of governance and causes multibillion damages to the country. Fighting corruption is a matter of principle ", said Victor Yanukovych.

The new Interior Minister, according to the President, should focus primarily on such areas as improvement of work in prevention and fighting crime. "It is important that this work was based solely on the requirements of legislation and that law enforcement measures were not substituted with populism" said Viktor Yanukovych.

"The police should play central role in building partnership civilized relations between citizens and state authorities. For a policeman is the representative of the state, and by his behavior and quality of his work people evaluate the work of all state authorities", the President said.

Therefore, he said, police officers must provide attentive and prompt response to all appeals and complaints of the citizens. "People should not be fighting their way through the wall of indifference and formalism", he said.

"The task of law enforcement agencies is helping people to realize their rights and freedoms. Ukrainian policemen, from privates to generals, must be guided by the principle of professional honor in their behavior. I am sure you all agree with that", also said the President of Ukraine.

Beside that Viktor Yanukovych expressed confidence that the new leadership of the Interior Ministry, jointly with the profile Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Sivkovych, should soon get to participation in preparation of 2010 Budget.

Naming another area for future work, Viktor Yanukovych said it is important to equip law enforcement agencies with modern means of communication, transportation, computers, specialized equipment and weapons.

"What our main goal is? It is the strong, efficient, well-equipped and protected police, which meets international standards and is being reformed according to current trends”, said President Yanukovych.