Thursday, March 11, 2010

President's address to the Ukrainian people

After five years of fruitless discussions and destructive confrontation, which cost Ukraine the loss of virtually all economic and social achievements of both USSR times and during independence period, we face a perspective to return to the path of development and progress.

It is perhaps by the Providence Ukraine was meant to drain the cup of bitter discord and fighting each other.

Poverty and debts, ruined economy and financial system, fractured society and total disbelief – this is the landscape before us after five years of wanderings in the desert, where we were guided by false prophets.

However, God granted us his patronage and gave us a chance to save our country.

Empowered by the people to use all the institutions of governance for prosperity of Ukraine, possessing the appropriate mandate of trust, we are ready to report to the citizens of Ukraine, that the time of ruin becomes history.

We report to the people of Ukraine that there are sound forces in the Parliament, which are able to put state interests above their own ambitions. Today, within the walls of the Parliament the creation of a new coalition was announced, which assumes all responsibility for leading the country out of political and social-economic crisis.

The coalition has immediately brought in the new Cabinet consisting of professional and responsible people.

As the President, I take responsibility for decisions that would give us the opportunity to begin work as soon as possible.

I would like to report to the people of Ukraine that I am motivated solely by national interests.

The situation, Ukraine is in, demands me to act rapidly and decisively, and I accept this challenge.

Today, from the high rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada, I have introduced the new Chairman of the Government, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine. Today the Parliament granted the mandate of trust to the whole Government of Ukraine.

I believe in our success and will spare no effort to prove to the people of Ukraine that it was not mistaken in its choice.

Our path will be harsh, but so God made this world to be: after devastating wars comes long-awaited peace and time to create.

So let us get to work!

May God be with us!