Thursday, May 28, 2009

State FinMonitoring: Financial intelligences of Ukraine and USA sign Cooperation Agreement

Today in Doha, Qatar the head of the State Committee for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine Ihor Cherkaskyi and Director of Financial intelligence of the United States of America (Finsen) James Fries have signed Agreement on information exchange and cooperation between the financial intelligences of Ukraine and United States of America.

The Agreement was signed within the frames of a plenary session of the Egmont Group and meeting of heads of financial intelligence subdivisions, held in the city of Doha, Qatar.

Ihor Cherkaskyi noted cooperation between the financial intelligences of Ukraine and the US will acquire another level after signing of agreement today, especially in the part of information exchange and carrying out joint investigations concerning crimes related to money laundering.

The State Financial Monitoring Committee has signed 41 cooperation agreements with FIUs including 17 agreements with FIUs of EU countries and 17 with the NATO member-states.