Friday, May 15, 2009

President Yushchenko inites Swiss businessmen to active cooperation

Speaking at the Swiss Economic Forum that was held in the Swiss town of Thun Viktor Yushchenko invited Swiss businessmen to cooperation with Ukraine in energy projects.

"I invite the participants to be active partners of Ukraine in the modernization of its gas transit system and implementation of the Euro-Asian Oil Transit Corridor project",  -  he said addressing those present.

He stressed that the crucial element of Ukraine's policy is participation in the formation of European energy security space. In this context, the President complimented the results of the international investment conference on the modernization of Ukrainian gas transport system, which was held on March 23 in Brussels.

Speaking about sectors of Ukrainian economy that have potential for foreign businessmen President Yushchenko mentioned agriculture, energy, preparation to EURO-2012, etc.

"We have unique sectors, where you could apply your resources, your knowledge», - he said.