Friday, April 24, 2009

Ukrainian-Canadian talks open in Kyiv

President Victor Yushchenko and Mrs. Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada opened Ukrainian-Canadian talks.

During the talks sides have discussed bilateral relations between Ukraine and Canada in economy, trade, culture and humanitarian field, etc.

Opening the talks President Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine highly appreciates its good relations with Canada and is particularly interested in developing cooperation on such directions as strengthening international security, overcoming global financial crisis, etc. Separately President Yushchenko noted that Ukraine “is highly interested in elaboration of a Relations Roadmap for nearest perspective, that would fix basic priorities for development of Ukrainian-Canadian ties”.

Victor Yushchenko expressed special gratitude to Canadian authorities, first of all to the Government and the Prime Minister of Canada, for their support of Ukraine in Euro-Atlantic aspirations.
He also thanked Canadian side for technical support in such programs as fighting HIV/AIDS in Ukraine, building a shelter over Chernobyl NPP, etc.

Speaking about humanitarian cooperation President Yushchenko stressed that Ukraine is proud of the contribution Ukrainian diaspora has made into development of Canada. He also expressed high appreciation of Canadian authorities’ efforts in providing good living conditions for Ukrainians, who live in Canada. He also pointed to the fact that major part of Ukrainian-Canadian cooperation is going on at non-governmental level reminding of such Canadian non-governmental organizations as Children of Chornobyl Fund, New Generation, etc.

Sides have also discussed perspectives of joint television and movie making, scientific, educational and cultural cooperation, etc.

Separately President Yushchenko thanked Canada for its role in informing international community about the Holodomor in Ukraine and honoring its victims.