Sunday, April 19, 2009

President Yushchenko's Easter greetings to the Ukrainian people

Dear Ukrainian people,

Dear fellow citizens,

With great happiness I greet you on the Day of God’s Resurrection!

This holiday is the essence of our faith.

This is the holiday of eternal Devine spirit and each one of us is blessed with it.

Each of us holds light in himself.

These days we all must think about how we live and how would we wish to live.

We pray for cleansing off evil, lies, hostility, evil thoughts and injustice.

We pray for savior from wrong and evil path.

We pray for forgiveness and we forgive.

We want happiness.

We want good.

We want assurance.

I am assured and have not a single doubt that we will come through these ordeals.

We are a great and strong nation. Let us believe in ourselves. Honestly, openly and with love as a united family should.

Let us greet one another.

Let us open our hearts to hope.

Christ is risen. The faith in a man is rises by his grace.

I heartily wish every one of us good, deep and wise faith in our strength and in God’s protection.

I wish us happiness, peace and sound health.

I wish us all Easter happiness.

We are strong.

We believe.

We welcome sunny wonderful Easter and pray for God’s blessing for each one of us for years to come.

Christ is risen!

Truly, He is Risen!