Thursday, April 9, 2009

President visits OJSC 'Kvazar'

President Victor Yushchenko visited today Kyiv OJSC ‘Kvazar’. There President Yushchenko was familiarized with the work of the enterprise and talked to its employees. He was shown the exhibition of products made by the factory, including liquid crystal blackboards, electronics, solar power batteries, etc.

“What you do is a great thing for the country”, - he said to the workers. “It is great that you not only managed to stay afloat but became worthy competitors of European and global level… you are a subject of pride for Ukraine”, - he said.

Victor Yushchenko also praised enterprise staff’s actions during recent raider attack on it. He assured ‘Kvazar’ employees that the authorities would ensure that all those who had been involved in the illegal actions against ‘Kvazar’ would be punished.

According to him, the inquiry commission, he had called up to investigate the actions of Podil District Administration of Kyiv against the enterprise, has finished its work and submitted all the information to the President. “The investigation is over, I have seen the materials and today will submit these materials to the Prime Minister”, - he said expressing hope that in a few days the Cabinet would approve the decision dismissing Podil Administration Head from the office.

Beside that President Yushchenko promised to address the Council of Judges with the request to deprive the judge, who issued illegal decision that provided grounds for the attack on ‘Kvazar’ off his title and fire him.