Thursday, April 30, 2009

President meets EAOTC countries' Ambassadors

President Victor Yushchenko met today with the Ambassadors of Euro-Asian oil transport corridor project member countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland), Ambassador of the Czech Republic and Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to Ukraine.

At the meeting sides have discussed further development of Euro-Asian oil transport corridor project.
President Yushchenko asked the Ambassadors to convey his congratulations to heads of their states on endorsing feasibility report on Euro-Asian oil transportation corridor saying that the document became professional proof of the fact that the project is economically promising and technically possible.

Victor Yushchenko also said that active political and financial support of the project from the European Commission is very important and suggested holding a short target meeting dedicated to the project within the framework of European Partnership Inauguration Summit in Prague, scheduled on March 7.

Beside that President Yushchenko suggested holding a presentation of the Euro-Asian oil transport corridor in the end of May - beginning of June, in Brussels with participation of President of the European Commission and Presidents of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, at which the participants would sign a Joint Memorandum on realization of the project. He also invited the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the project saying that these countries’ state oil companies would contribute to it.

President Yushchenko asked the present Ambassadors to convey these suggestions to their respective governments.