Friday, December 26, 2008

President meets Ukrainian bankers

President Victor Yushchenko held a working meeting with National Bank Chairman, officials from Ministry of Finance and Ukrainian bankers. At the meeting sides discussed the situation in financial sector to continue stabilization of banks system.

Opening the meeting President Yushchenko noted gradual stabilization of the situation at currencies market and said that this tendency should be fixed.

At the same time he added that together with solving issues with Hryvnya exchange rate it is necessary to preserve liquidity of commercial banks.

As primary task for banks system President Yushchenko named restructuring of clients’ debts before banks. According to him on that would depend further functioning of every bank.

The bankers present at the meeting, from their part, asked for more transparency and openness in National Bank’s activity including discussion of regulatory documents with banks. According to them that would allow citizens to better understand steps, taken to improve the situation.

President Yushchenko suggested that it would be reasonable for National Bank officials to meet weekly with commercial banks representatives to coordinate their actions.