Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Over 10 months of current year Ukrpost implements plan at 114.3%

Over 10 months of the current year Ukrpost has implemented the plan at 114.3%. General sum of incomes without VAT has amounted 3 bn UAH 276.4 mn and has grown by 36.1% as compared to the analogous period of 2007.

The growth of general revenues of Ukrpost is demonstrated owing to increase by 30.8% of amounts of provided services as well as increase of tariffs for certain kinds of services.

The enterprise has no debts in payments to the budgets and state target centres. All the taxes, dues and other compulsory payments at the sum of UAH 690.8 mn have been paid, which is by UAH 1 mn more from the planned and by 42.8% more than for 10 month of 2007.

Average salary of an employee equals UAH 997.1 which is by 10% higher from the planned one and exceeds by 37.9% the showing of the respective period of last year.