Thursday, December 18, 2008

NBU and FinMin would stabilize Hryvnya - President

After his meeting with National Bank Chairman, Minister of Finance and ‘Naftogaz of Ukraine’ Chairman in Boryspil airport, President Victor Yushchenko talked to journalists to inform them on the course of the meeting.

President Yushchenko noted that now the Hryvnya is over-devaluated but the causes for that are rather of psychological nature than of economic. As an example proving that he gave the fact that in Ukraine exports lately have outgrown imports.

Speaking about currency market President expressed assurance that the situation is stabilizing gradually and “we witness dying processes”, adding that it is important that “the NBU and FinMin convinced people that the factors for Hryvnna’s devaluation are already exhausted”.

According to Victor Yushchenko with this aim the sides have agreed upon a set of measures that the NBU would take in order to improve the situation. For example the institution would return to intensified management of banks’ activity and conduct proper inspections of their obedience to the law during operations with currency.

Making comments on payments to Russia for the consumed gas President Yushchenko informed “yesterday 800 million US dollars were transferred and another 200 million will be transferred in the nearest time”.