Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Defence Ministry: Members of Black Sea states tackle Blackseafor Action Program for 2009-2010

The Sevastopol Naval Institute named after P.Nakhimov hosts a meeting of the Black Sea Naval Co-operation Task Group (the Blackseafor).

The main tasks of the Blackseafor include operations in search and rescue, mine counter, anti-terrorist, humanitarian operations, operations in environment protecting, good will visits and other tasks agreed by all the parties.

During the sitting which attracted representatives from Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine, the parties plan to sum up the conclusions of August activation of Joint Black Sea Group of Naval Cooperation and elaborate operative plan of holding of April joint activation the following year.

Another issue for considering will be a program of participation of the Black Sea states for 2009-2010 in terms of future joint actions of the Blackseafor.

The event of planning of the Joint Black Sea Group of Naval Cooperation will last till December 19.