Friday, November 28, 2008

Ministry of Industrial Policy: Scientific-technical council of ministry meets

The Ministry of Industrial Policy hosted a sitting of Scientific-technical Council of the Ministry which gathered representatives of the Secretariat of President of Ukraine, members of scientific-research institutes, heads of leading national enterprises, notably, OJSC Motor Sich, OJSC Rema, Ivchenko-Progress Zaporizhzya Engine Design Plant, Donets Central Machine-Building Design Plant. The participants have considered a branch program of energy saving, effective use of energy resources and introduction of alternative kinds of fuel for the period of 2008-2017, discussed issues of quantum-electronic and molecular technologies based on applying of renewable energy sources.

The main aim of the blueprint on energy saving, effective use of power resources and introduction of alternative kinds of fuel in mining and smelting complex, machine-building, chemical and oil-chemical complexes for 2008-2017 appears reducing of power intensity of production at the account of development and launch of progressive energy-saving technologies and equipment, raising of effectiveness of use of fuel-energy resources, optimization of the structure of energy consuming, broader use of non-traditional energy sources and renewable energy carriers of national production.