Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MinAIC: Complex of autumn works is coming to the end

The complex of autumn-field works in Ukraine is coming to the end. Thus, as of November 25 farm enterprises of all property have harvested grain crops and leguminous plants on 98 % of areas, 54240.3 thousand tons of grain crops milled. Buckwheat and millet have been harvested on all scheduled areas and threshed 298 million tons and 239.4 million tons correspondingly.

Harvesting of soy, sunflower and sugar beets is almost finished as well. It has been harvested 835.7 thousand of soy, 6.876.8 thousand tons of sunflower, and 14.468 thousand tons of sugar beets.

Harvesting of corn is underway. It has been harvested on 86% of areas and 9978.4 thousand tons of grain have been threshed so far.

Agrarians have actively held the autumn-sowing campaign. For the next year harvest it has been sowed 8109.0 thousand hectares of winter crops (108% for 2008), 93% of planned areas ploughed up under-winter.