Thursday, October 16, 2008

Road services lack of over UAH 1 bn on Euro-2012 sites

According to the program of preparation to Euro-2012, works on Ukrainian highways were not sufficiently financed by over UAH 1 billion, Mykola Berezovskyi, deputy head of the State Service of Automobile Roads of Ukraine (UkrAvtoDor) told a hotline of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers.

He noted that according to the 2008 plan, the works on the mentioned sites are in fact fulfilled, however, UkrAvtoDor still has not received funds for it and, thus, the establishment has no possibility to pay to work executors.

"We intended to obtain UAH 800 million commercial loan this year," Mykola Berezovskyi said, however, unfortunately, the tenders we held did not give the desired result.

According to him, at present, UkrAvtoDor sites are financed by 64% according to the state target program of preparation to Euro-2012.

The most complicated and the most expensive Euro-2012 sites are the following roads: Kyiv - Chop, Kyiv - Kovel - Yahodyn, Kypti - Hlukhiv - Bachivsk, Kharkiv - Krasnohrad - Pereshchepyne.

The works are going on at these sites and next year they will be fulfilled completely, Mykola Berezovskyi noted.