Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Foreign Ministry instructs Ukrainian Embassy in Kenya to hold negotiations on supply of food to Faina ship

Stocks of foodstuffs, fuel and water are decreasing on the Faina ship captured by Somali pirates, the Foreign Ministry Speaker Vasyl Kyrylych told a briefing at the foreign ministry. He noted that an issue of such supplies has been complicated due to certain problems with regard to coordination of actions of all participants in the negotiations, in particular, in the context of settlements for supplies.

Vasyl Kyrylych underscored that in this connection the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry gave urgent instructions to the Ukrainian Embassy in Kenya to hold meetings with all participants in the negotiation process. The Speaker reminded that the negotiation process has been conducted according to a scheme established by the international practice. The negotiation process with the pirates is conducted either by the ship owner or by its representative. In this case, it is the British Company having experience of negotiations with pirates. He emphasized that another party does not participate in the negotiation process and therefore interference of another factor that is not entitled to conduct negotiations may damage the whole negotiation process.

Presently 17 Ukrainians, two Russians and one Latvian citizen are on board.