Friday, July 25, 2008

Time has come to begin talks on withdrowing Russia's Black Sea fleet - President

At today’s press conference President Victor Yushchenko said that it would be reasonable to begin talks with Russia on withdrawing Russia’s Black Sea fleet from the territory of Ukraine.

“The subject of beginning talks on future withdrawal of Russian Black Sea fleet from the Ukrainian territory should be put on the agenda of our bilateral relations. We should begin discussing this issue, if we want to be honest in our relations with each other”, - he said.

President also explained that it is a very complex matter as there are more than 100 vessels to be withdrawn and substantial infrastructural changes to be made. “For us to make the redeployment, foreseen in active agreement, we must have a lot of spare time beforehand”, - he explained.

In addition Victor Yushchenko reminded that Ukrainian constitution prohibits presence of foreign military bases at the Ukrainian territory. “President is the guarantor of the Constitution and I am obliged to bring up these things”, - said victor Yushchenko.