Friday, July 25, 2008

President hurries adoption of alterations to the budget

At today’s press conference President Victor Yushchenko stressed that he insists that his suggestions were considered during adoption of alterations to 2008 budget.

He repeated that in his opinion main aim of the alterations should be compensating citizens their losses due to inflation. Besides, according to him, main economic indices should be refined and additional funds, available after their recalculation (around 30 billion hryvnyas) used evelopment of the economy.

“Find political support of the majority, from beyond the majority, find consolidation, adopt the state budget and give the opportunity to use these 30 billion hryvnyas for the good of national economy”, - he said addressing the parliamentary budgetary committee.

“The country can not live without the budget. We cannot afford living for six months with the highest inflation rates in Europe without adopting the budget:, - he added.