Thursday, June 3, 2010

Martin Raiser: We share goals and objectives set in the program of reforms

He also praised the fact that significant number of expert commentaries were included in the revised version presented today. "I'll be suggesting my colleagues that they continued to take part in further discussions of this document," said Mr. Raiser.

He also noted that a lot of his comments echoed the opinion of the IMF Representative in Ukraine. "The program provides a thorough assessment. We share those goals and objectives, which are set in the program. We hope that this program will become a basis for consensus, without which implementing reforms will be very difficult," said M. Raiser.

The World Bank Country Director in Ukraine said that it also necessary to revise and make more gradual the timing and sequence of reforms, which in some cases are too pressing. He also added that by solving this issue they hope to contribute to development of a specific action plan.

He thanked the representatives of the Presidential Administration and Government for sharing "a very ambitious program" of legislative changes. "I think we all will benefit from this cooperation, having an opportunity to consider draft bills and make our contribution to them at the early stage. I would like to thank you for your cooperation," said the World Bank Country Director in Ukraine.