Thursday, May 20, 2010

Viktor Yanukovych visits construction of Luhansk bypass road

According to Chief of Luhansk road service Serhiy Boltov, the length of the road being built is 24.7 km and its construction began in 2006 under 2007-2011 State program of public roads development. Total project cost is 469.4 million UAH and 281.7 million were spent during 2006 – 2009.

To date, the project is 70% complete. Among the remaining tasks are asphalt surfacing, reinforcing and installation of light poles, traffic signs and fences.

Among the project advantages are improving of the environmental situation in Luhansk, due to reduction of the air pollution, and maintaining city roads.

The President was shown the plan of construction, reconstruction, capital and current maintenance of Luhansk public highways in preparation for Euro-2012 finals.