Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Viktor Yanukovych: partnership between local and central government means stability and prosperity to Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych stressed that broad rights mean huge responsibility. In this context the President stressed importance of improving executive discipline of the local authorities.

"I would like to emphasize that I will personally keep the situation in the regions under strict supervision. To ensure that, we will establish a system of monitoring of regional and district administrations’ work," said Viktor Yanukovych, adding that the Presidential Administration will continuously study the work of regional and district state administrations and disseminate their best practices.

However, it is only one aspect of the new regional policy. "Strengthening of the self-government does not mean that the state will decline the responsibility for the situation in the regions. Particular attention will be dedicated to leveling economic development and overcoming the economic depression in the regions," said the President.

President Yanukovych instructed the Council of Regions to work synchronously with the Committee on Economic Reforms under the President and with local authorities. "There were many examples of the so-called "reforms from above", initiated by the central government, that found no support in the regions, because they didn’t take into account local features and needs," said the President.

To prevent this, President Yanukovych said, the newly established regional reforms committees must accumulate the best experience of local managers and experts, as well as consider the requests of local communities. After the Committee on Economic Reforms under the President of Ukraine introduces the concept of reforms, it should be considered and elaborated by the Council of Regions.

The President also set a target to implement draft reforms plan, agreed and ready for its practical realization, in the shortest term possible.

"It is important that local authorities perceived the concept of reforms as a collective project, as a joint plan that considers the interests of every separate region. This will ensure that reforms are supported in the regions," he said.

The President emphasized that work of the Council of Regions should be public, transparent and close to the people. To make it so, according to Viktor Yanukovych, first of all the practice of regional meetings must be initiated. "It’s logical that the Council of Regions regularly worked directly in the regions and understood life in the regions. A face-to-face dialogue with local managers, experts and scientists is very important," said the President of Ukraine.

"We need neither multipage documents laden with current economic figures or tables with statistics, nor politics. We need clear, concise, analytical conclusions on changes taking place in main areas of life in a region, and specific suggestions on how to respond to certain threats and risks," added the President.

"I see no alternative but further enhance the role of regions in state development. Future is in creating a flexible system of public administration, in which strong, responsible regions would interact harmoniously with strong, effective center," said Viktor Yanukovych.