Monday, May 17, 2010

Presidents of Ukraine, Russia hold private meeting

"It is important that today's meeting was the turning point and that you visited Kyiv more often," he said.

Viktor Yanukovych pointed to positive development of Ukrainian-Russian relations saying that "during this short period of time we managed to find mutually beneficial solutions that meet our countries' national interests and aspirations of the two peoples. People have long waited for our states to restore friendly relationship."

Viktor Yanukovych expressed hope that Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to Ukraine will become continuation of constructive, fruitful and friendly dialogue, "that will enable us to take steps adequate to current stage of development in both countries."

The President emphasized that during the talks sides should primarily discuss combating the crisis, consequences of which are still observed both in Ukraine and Russia. Moreover, according to Viktor Yanukovych, special attention should be dedicated to issues related to different areas of life in both countries, the work of various industries and, of course, trade-economic relations, that have a positive dynamics.

"Producers have already felt that the barriers were actually removed and trade turnover began to grow. Over the past four months, turnover has increased 1.5 times and is about seven billion dollars, which means that by the end of the year it will be more than 35 billion, and even close to 40. It is very good," said the President.

Viktor Yanukovych also expressed hope that during tomorrow's meeting with business circles of the two countries, both he and his Russian counterpart "will give a good signal to the business," that will work for the welfare of citizens, the dynamic growth of both Ukraine and Russia.

"I think we will create good conditions from both sides," concluded the President.

In his turn, President Medvedev said that he indeed has long not been to Kyiv and has awaited today’s visit for a long time.

The Russian President noted restoration of good-neighborly and sincere relations between Russia and Ukraine and said that in their new stage "a new leaf" must be turned over and therefore he expressed the hope that today's rain "washed away all negative of the previous times and left a clean basis for the development of good-hearted and friendly relations between our countries."

Dmitry Medvedev emphasized that during bilateral meetings both sides conducted great work. "Such a maximum intensity of contacts means only one thing: only few meetings were held before, there are many issues to be considered, and we must disassemble blockages and create modern, pragmatic and at the same time friendly relations between Ukraine and Russia. I sincerely hope we’ll manage to do it," he said.

President of Russia also pointed out that the trade turnover between the two countries has increased, noting that "a real revival of trade between Ukraine and Russia and strengthening of business links can be observed". He said that there is increasing trade turnover observed in relations with other partners, but only with Ukraine it has doubled.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, both improvement of economic situation and good relations between the Presidents promote the restoration of active business contacts.

"This is due to the new Ukrainian Administration that is easy to communicate with and now we can effectively solve even the most difficult issues," he said.

Moreover, President Medvedev expressed hope that fruitful cooperation will be established between Ukrainian and Russian business circles.

"So we expect constructive and friendly talks," concluded the Russian President.