Thursday, May 27, 2010

President visits Administration Center of State Border Guards of Ukraine

Mykola Lytvyn said that there are 249 border checkpoints, which currently operate successfully due to timely reforming of the office. Among measures introduced by the reform, in particular, were establishment of well-coordinated system of selection and training of officers and full transition to contracted service.

General Lytvyn also told President Yanukovych about measures taken to ensure full provision of the department with modern equipment and weapons.

In his report the Chairman of State Border Service dwelled on solving social problems of the officers, including providing them and their families with housing.

Besides, Mykola Lytvyn reported on measures to implement the instructions of the President on fighting corruption.

During the visit, President Yanukovych also took part in a videoconference with regional offices of the State Border Service, several border units, Ukrainian-Polish joint consultative point Krakovets and Rava-Ruska checkpoint. During the conference officials of various levels reported to the President on the situation at a given point of the state border.

Talking to border guards, Viktor Yanukovych congratulated them on their professional holiday.

"I came here to thank Chairman of the office and all its personnel for wonderful service. Improvement has no limits, so I wish you continuing to be just as effective," he said.

The President stressed the importance of cooperation between State Border Service, other law enforcement agencies and the Security Service of Ukraine, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement of this interaction. "This work is crucial," said Viktor Yanukovych.