Monday, May 17, 2010

President summarizes elaboration of economic reforms program

During the meeting participants discussed principles the program of economic reforms was based upon, their phasing and criteria for success in their implementation.

The President stressed that the program on reforms is aimed at improving quality of citizens’ life and quality of social services. In order to fulfill it, public finances must be stabilized and stable economic growth, accompanied by decreasing inflation, must be ensured.

President Yanukovych emphasized the priority of tax reform, lifting surplus regulation of small and medium businesses, as well as creating conditions for attracting investments into basic industries and infrastructures, reforming social security system and forming transparent land market.

Key reforms for the second (2011-2012) and third (2013-2014) stages of the program implementation were also determined.

President Yanukovych has instructed to finalize elaboration of the program on economic reforms by June 1.

He also stressed the need to involve representatives of the Verkhovna Rada groups, international and national experts in the work on the project to transform it into a consensus program, in realization of which the society is interested.

Viktor Yanukovych’s Program on Economic Reforms will be approved at the Committee meeting on June 2, 2010.