Monday, May 31, 2010

President meets Head of Board of Ilyich Steel & Iron Works

Volodymyr Boyko informed the Head of State on current situation at the plant. According to the company manager, there is a "colossal raid" being made on the enterprise, which started back in former government’s times and has lasted for a year. On behalf of the company’s staff he addressed the President with a request to help in investigation of the situation.

"I informed the President on the situation at the plant, which is very complicated," said the General Director.

Volodymyr Boyko once again denied allegations about him selling the company. "I have never sold anything and I’m not doing it at the moment... Now, I think, both the President and the Government will take a number of measures to protect the staff and to fight this raider attack," he said.

According to the company manager, in this situation, first of all we must dot all the i’s and the raiders should be brought to justice. "Next, we will merge with some other company, because otherwise Ilyich Steel & Iron Works, which does not have its own resource base, will simply die. We must find someone to merge with, because we won’t be able to survive in this harsh time," said Volodymyr Boyko.

According to him, as the metallurgical complex of Ukraine remains in a critical situation, the enterprise has difficulties with orders.