Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Viktor Yanukovych: We have opened a new page in relations between Ukraine and Russia

"We made, as we had promised, next step in this direction – we opened a new page in relations between Ukraine and Russia. We signed important agreements for our countries, agreements that are important for the economy and our citizens", said Viktor Yanukovych at the press conference held after the signing ceremony.

The President called decision made on the gas issue unprecedented. He also noted that the gas issue solution is undoubtedly very important and urgent. "On the price of gas depend competitiveness of our enterprises and economy as a whole", emphasized Viktor Yanukovych.

The President stressed the importance of the fact that the Russian side in this matter agreed to the suggestions of the Ukrainian side and a relevant decision was shortly made.

"In next ten years Ukraine will get real investment resources of about 40 billion dollars, provided by Russia", stressed the President, adding that these funds will start coming in April.

He also said that a share of received funds will be spent to address social needs of Ukrainian citizens, realization of investment projects, financing and modernization of the Armed Forces. Furthermore, according to the Head of State, the program of energy saving technologies’ implementation should be actively developed and launched during next ten years.

"We struggled to adopt today’s decisions. They are of special nature given difficult economic situation in Ukraine and Russia", said the President, expressing belief that in difficult times good neighbors always come to help each other.

Ukraine speeded up solution of such an important issue for Russia, as deployment of the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine. According to the President, the issue was also considered in the context of providing support to the system of collective European security.

Viktor Yanukovych also said that today an important meeting on preparation of Dmitry Medvedev’s  official visit to Ukraine was held, during which our countries are planning to make a number of important steps towards each other.

During the meeting of governors of Ukrainian and Russian border regions sides have agreed to hold an economic forum this autumn in Krasnodar Krai, and another – in 2011 in Donetsk region.

"This is a new stage in development of our traditionally friendly relations between Ukrainian and Russian peoples", said the President.